10 Ways To Differentiate Fake Products From The Original Ones

Technology has evolved, and so have the scamming techniques. A couple of decades ago, the only way of scamming someone using technology was through phone calls. While half of the world continues to develop better security, the scammers keep finding the loopholes through it. The same goes for manufacturing, where scammers can manage to create duplicate fake products with such accuracy that even the most observant of people may miss the differences.

It is pretty alright when you know that you are buying a copy and pay much lower price than original to get it. But when you pay full with high hopes of getting the right product, you better not buy a fraudulent product. A number of cases have been recorded worldwide where fake products were sold for millions. A report was published by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office to survey fake products and fake items producers in the world. According to this report, the most copied item was footwear followed by clothing, leather goods, and gadgets. As far as the counterfeited brands are concerned, Rolex, Nike, Ray Ban, and Louis Vuitton were at the top.

The fake products are very original looking, so here are some ways which might help you to differentiate between the two and save your money, health, and in some cases, even your life.

Watch the video for some tips and tricks to find about the original and fake products.

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  1. dino Reply

    Maybe one of the most effective ways to combat the fake markets is to mass serialise the original goods and empower the customers to check the originality and other product’s characteristics. Serialization is maybe the most powerful and cost effective anti-counterfeit solution, for example the solution offered by MY-VALIDACTOR is immediately available, easy to implement and at a cost near to zero.

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