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10 Unusual Uses Of Hair Dryers You Didn’t Know Before

There are a number of gadgets that seemingly have only one use but there is more to them than what meets the eye – yes we are Transformers Fans – for instance, take a look at hair dryer. Apparently the name says it all; it is meant for the drying of hair. But here are 10 uses of hair dryer that are not even close to hair drying but definitely worth the try!

10. Remove Band-Aids

Removing band-aids can be a pain free process if you make use of hair dryer to heat it up a little!

9. Make S’Mores

It won’t resemble the professional end but shall get the job done!

8. De-wrinkle Clothes

The results may vary depending upon the material but usually you can get great results if you hold the clothes a few inches away and let the hair dryer do its job.

7. Professional Finish on your Cake

Done with the icing? Now make use of your hair dryer to impart that glossy look!

6. Remove Steam

Use the hair dryer to clean the mirror from the steam after a shower!

5. Remove Candle Wax

Did candle wax fall on your table? Don’t worry and use hair dryer!

4. Remove Crayon

Did you crayons are made of wax and you can remove them from walls by heating them?

3. Dry Your Nails

Use hair dryer at low/medium setting!

2. Custom-Fitted Glasses

If you own a cheap pair and it doesn’t fix then simply heat it and fix it.

1. Remove Stickers

Instead of getting frustrated by picking away at it, heat it and then peel it off!