10 Unique Car Features That Are Now Extinct

Over the years, the car industry has gone through a lot of transformation. As the technologies advanced, older car features were replaced with the new ones. Eventually there came a time, when some features went completely extinct and were not found in newer cars.

Here is a list of some features which are no more found in cars with latest tech and updated hardware.

85mph Speedometers

During the 1970s, cars were able to reach 55mph, keeping in view the safety and low fuel consumption. There was a federal law passed on this and the cars at that time came with an 85mph speedometer. Now nearly every car has a speedometer upto 160mph.

Rear Hinged Doors

All the cars nowadays have doors hinged at the front while back in 70s, there were cars with doors hinged at the back as well. These doors were called suicide doors since various risk hazards were associated with these doors. In case of an accident, the risk of falling from these doors was also much greater than falling from front-hinged doors.

Hardtop Convertibles

The hardtop convertibles also called “pillarless hardtops” were the talk of the town when they were first launched in the 1950s. The pillarless design also has some disadvantages as it lacked the support at the center and in case of an accident, the vehicle could easily roll over and cause severe injury to the passengers.

Full-Size Spare Tire

Cars used to come with a full-size spare tire, however, the manufacturers later decided to provide ‘limited use’ spare tires instead of giving the full sized. These spare tires are also called as donut, space saver or compact spare tires. These spare tires are now replaced by tire inflator kits in majority of the vehicles. However, it is a feature which should be given back to every car owner.

Horn Rings

Horn rings were removed from the cars keeping in view the safety of the drivers. Drivers were required to remove one hand from the steering wheel completely to honk the button at the center. A ring was designed later on which helped drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel and use a thumb or a finger to honk the horn. Eventually the ring also faded away and a button was integrated into the steering wheel spokes.

Vent Window

Vent window was a small glass window beside the main door window of the car. Many old cars had this window for ventilation purpose. These vents worked seperately and allowed air to circulate inside the cabin and cool the inside of the car. When the air conditioning was introduced, this window vent also disappeared from the car.

Bench Seats

The bench seats were not fitted with any seat belts and could fit three people easily in the front seat. They were popular because they were suitable to accomodate additional car passengers. These seats were replaced due to safety concern like air bags which provide better protection to two passengers rather than three.


It was a common sight to have ashtrays and lighters in the dashboard of the cars. Car manufacturers replaced this with tech related installations like phone charger ports.

Long Radio Antennas

Back in old days, radio was the only entertainment source in the car. For that purpose, there was a long antenna installed at one side or middle area of the car. Now a days there are CD players, and USB players to provide entertainment as we drive.

Hand Cranked Windows

Power and electric windows were introduced in the car not very long ago. Now you can turn your window up and down without putting much effort into it. The function is only a button away.


  1. baber Reply

    We, In Pakistan, still have the ash trays, hand cranked windows, full size tires 😛

  2. Michael Lord Reply

    I believe you have left out a couple of the most significantly, the floor mounted, foot operated headlight highbeam switch and the pull out chock control for the carburetor.

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