5 Unbelievable Facts That Sound Like BS But Are Actually True


The world is a crazy place, and there are just too many things to keep track of! In the age of fake news and trolling, everything seems dubious and doubtful. But no one would blame you if you couldn’t bring yourself to believe the following facts. They are just that damn crazy!

1) This Novel Doesn’t Contain the Letter E


One would assume that vowels are unavoidable in any writing! Heck, my last sentence alone had five Es! But this 1936 novel by author Ernest Vincent Wright claims to have no letter “E,” which is considered as the most common letter in the English language. Wright managed to write a 50,000-word novel, called Gadsby without ever using the letter E as he disabled the key on his typewriter before starting the novel!

2) A Woman Paid $10,000 for Invisible Art


Okay, I have already got a lot of hate for my “lack of art recognition,” but this surely is downright ridiculous! In the invisible gallery of James Franco, a $10,000 purchase of an imaginary art piece by the name of Fresh Air was conducted by a woman going by the name of Aimee Davison. In fact, the whole gallery is full of imaginary art, where Franco comes and explains his thinking to the audience and people buy it with actual cash! WHAT?

3) Cleopatra was Greek, Not Egyptian


Although Cleopatra VII is one of the most famous Egyptian rulers of all time, is Cleopatra, she actually isn’t an Egyptian native. She became a co-regent in Egypt when she was 18, in 51 BC, along with her 10-year-old brother and ruled for the next three decades.

The fact is that Cleopatra and other Macedonian rulers of Egypt are all Alexandria-based, the center of Greek culture. Cleopatra was known to speak Greek and observe Greek customs.

4) It’s Possible for Twins to Have Two Different Fathers


Wow! You just can’t be sure about anything these days, can you? This condition is very rare, but it is possible! Known as heteropaternal superfecundation, it happens when a woman ovulates twice in one month and also has sex with two different men while ovulating. There are very few recorded cases of this occurrence, mainly because DNA tests have only been around since 1984.

But such two such cases have been brought in Maury, the television show. The first was with a woman named Regina who was on media trail to prove that if her ex-boyfriend was the father of her twins. But it turned out that he was only the father to one of them.

The second time on the same show, 19-year-old Alejandrina came on the air and claimed that she only slept with her boyfriend Jose and he was the sole father of her twins. But the DNA test proved otherwise, and Jose was only the father of one of the twins.

5) Hitler was Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize


Yeah, that’s what we needed to destroy the last shreds of faith in humanity! This super villain, responsible for millions of deaths, the creation of Nazis and outbreak of the World War II was actually nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Swedish politician Erik Gottfrid Christian Brandt. The second nominee the same year was Mahatma Gandhi; what an irony!

Before you lose your marbles, the truth was that Brandt’s letter nominating Hitler was a tongue in cheek moment rather than an actual consideration. Brandt was working on the anti-fascism agenda and wanted to provoke Hitler. But when the Noble Prize Committee failed to realize the joke, he immediately withdrew his nomination. In the end, no Noble Prize awards were held due to the outbreak of WWII.


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