10 Travel Hacks You Need To Know Before Your Next Trip

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Whether you’re travelling for business, or you’re taking a trip for recreation, these 10 tips will make your travel a lot easier.

  1. When searching for flights, go incognito or clear your browser history. Some websites will charge you extra just because you visited their site before.

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  1. Carry your cosmetics in small straws and seal them with fire. Most airlines don’t allow more than a small amount of liquid, so better carry them in these tubes as much as you want.

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  1. Old chap-sticks can be used to store valuables. Roll in your money.

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  1. When was the last trip when earphones and chargers didn’t get tangled? Never! Use an empty case for glasses to store them this time.

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  1. Sneak your socks in shoes to save space.

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  1. Put your shoes in a shower-cap to not let them touch your clean clothes.

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  1. Instead of spending on travel sized containers, use an old eye-drops bottle to store toothpaste.

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  1. Who doesn’t have a Tic-Toc container? Put your hair-pins in it and you would never lose them again.

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  1. Use your belt to keep the collars of shirt stiff.

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  1. Use a spring to avoid your charger from bending and being damaged.

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