10 Things Your Car Mechanic Won’t Ever Tell You

Most car mechanics are notorious for pulling a fast one on their customers whenever they get a chance by playing on people’s lack of car knowledge and trying to make some easy bucks. Not anymore, at least if you go through this list of 10 things your car mechanic won’t tell you, but you should definitely know!

1. Don’t fall for the scary tactics

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If your mechanic goes like, ‘I wouldn’t drive this another mile,’ it should raise your eyebrows, and you must ask for the reason for his skepticism.

2. Only go to mechanics with accreditation

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Your mechanics should have ASE 9 National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or AAA (America Automobile Association) certification, and they should be displaying them without hesitation.

3. Your mind must be at peace

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You should ask for recommendations, years in business, license, warranties offered and the type of equipment used. Always go for a clean garage as an oily floor with a clutter of cans, rags, and tires should serve as a big warning!

4. Never sign a blank authorization form

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Always thoroughly read through the work order along with specific estimates for each job.

5. Don’t go to any shop having no engine analyzer and scan tool

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The fact is that the mechanics do need “fancy” equipment to detect and fix modern day cars.

6. Synthetic motor oils may cost more

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Some mechanics might discourage you to use synthetic motor oils, but undoubtedly they will get you a lot more miles between changes. Beware of such mechanics if you require cost-effective maintenance for your car.

7. If you go for a second opinion

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Don’t tell the mechanic anything about the first diagnosis and the repair prices.

8. Always ask for original equipment brake pads

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Saving a few bucks won’t add up too much, but this might be a difference between staying safe and completely wrecking your car due to brake failure.

9. Ask about your new tire’s ‘build date’

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Getting too good a deal on the tires should make you worry since they might be older than the seller tells you. Do check if he is actually telling you the truth about make of tires.

10. It’s not okay if your ‘check engine’ light stays on all the time

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Mechanics might want to brush this under the carpet, but it’s probably not ‘ just a loose gas cap’ and might come around to haunt you in the future.

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