10 Of The Most Satisfying Videos On The Internet That You Can Not Stop Watching

The internet is a crazy place. This maze of useless stuff can take up your entire day, and probably your whole life, leaving you to learn about the dumbest and the most useless things in the world. The other day I read that Cacophobia is known as the fear of ugliness. Yes, it is a thing, but that is besides the point because we just have a bunch more of useless things to take up some of your time. But we can promise that at least you will be wasting this time in satisfaction.

Go ahead. Scroll on.

10. A chess piece in the making

The lathe machine is the arguably the loveliest of all things on the planet. Seriously! Watch this and be mesmerized every time you get your hand on a chess piece.

There is enough of CNC lathe churning on the internet, but this flashy metal has to be the best.

9. Turkish Paper Marbling

Honestly, this is therapy. Unless you are one of those people who can not draw a straight line even with a ruler, yeah then it will just give you a complex about your aesthetic inabilities.

8. White Blood Cell Chasing Bacterium

These creeps are all over inside your body, and they do it as their duty and hobby, all day long. Must be pretty tiring eh? But go on blood cells, do your thing, more power to you. Quite literally.

7. Soap in Microwave

If you want to be kicked out of your parent’s house or just don’t love your microwave. This is the perfect experiment and without a doubt super satisfying. Like a popcorn popping in slow motion.

Honestly, this is nothing bad but cleaning soap ain’t gonna be easy. How do you clean soap anyway? With more soap? Meh!

6. Gravitram

This intricate sculpture made of tracks, rails and loops has absolutely no purpose other than steering little steel balls all over the place. Useful? No. Satisfying? Hell yes.

5. LEGO Ball Contraption

LEGO is love; LEGO is life for all the right reasons. Just look at this. All I want to do with the rest of my life is playing with LEGO, and hey lets not even call this playing. This is amazing, creative stuff. Except, I imagine a human contraption instead of balls.

4. A Square Vase With A Round Top

This is just a super cool, more craft version of a lathe and there are a gazillion pottery videos on the internet but how many of them made square vases? Actually, square ones with round tops? Yeah, me neither.

3. Spiderman Speed Painting

Just a time lapse of an amazing digital painting by Nico Di Mattia. This was done using Wacom tablet and Photoshop. Stop reading and start watching, this one is well worth your five and a half minutes.

2. Steel Cutting in Closeup

Chip chip chip. Nothing special, just regular steel cutting but oh my gosh, is this satisfying. This is gonna be my next week’s therapy.

1. Flow Friction Drilling

Friction drilling is done using pressure and heat. Unlike most other ways of drilling, the drill does not cut through the metal; it melts in. If I owned one of these, I would just melt a hole through every metal thing I own. Errm, the only metal thing I own is this very laptop that I am typing with so, yeah lets just not get a friction drill, ever.

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