Here Are 10 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Better Than The iPhone 7

Galaxy S8 Features (2)

If you are an iPhone-crazed fan, there is nothing that can convince you that an Android is better. It may not be in some cases, but when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S8, it packs a lot of cool features that your iPhone does not.

  1. An Iris Scanner

    Access your secure folders with just a scan of your eye. Faster and safer than a fingerprint.

    Source: iDownload Blog
  2. Selfie Phone Unlock

    A special facial recognition will let you unlock your phone with a selfie, faster than even the iris and fingerprint scan.

    Source: Mashable
  3. More Display

    A 5.8-inch display for the Galaxy S8 and 6.2-inch for the Galaxy S8+. It definitely beats the iPhone 7 and 7+ with 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays.

    iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
    Source: Android Authority
  4. Wireless Charging Pad

    It comes with a wireless charging pad and fast charging option. Cool eh? Nope, the iPhone has neither.

    Source: Business Insider
  5. A Headphone Jack

    This one actually might have come as a relief. You don’t need an adapter for your wired headphones.

    Source: Venture Beat
  6. Samsung Pay

    You can pay with your phone with Samsung Pay using standard magnetic credit card readers.

    Source: BGR
  7. Virtual Reality Software

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with its own VR software powered by Facebook Oculus. You can even get the VR headset for free if you preorder the Galaxy S8 by April 21. The iPhone does work with VR headsets but does not have a built-in VR support.

    Source: Android Central
  8. A Heart Rate Sensor

    Very thoughtful. You can keep your heart rate in check at all times. If you wanted to do that with your iPhone, you would have to get the Apple watch.

    Source: Android Central
  9. Desktop Version

    You can run the Galaxy S8 to your monitor, a standard mouse, and keyboard to use a desktop version of your smartphone. You can actually use the smartphone OS with a mouse. With your iPhone, you can just mirror the screen on another display.

    Source: Android Community
  10. Bixby Smart Camera

    With your Samsung Bixby digital assistant, you can take pictures of everyday objects and find all relevant details, location, and even shopping details. That smart camera feature certainly comes with Siri.

    Source: Android Authority

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  1. Ted Reply

    I really like the iris scanner can’t wait for the iPhone to come out with something like that

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