10 Professionals That Will Lose Their Jobs In The Next Decade


According to a Oxford University study, automation will replace up to 47% of current jobs by 2033. If any of you want job security and plan on staying employed past the next decade, cross these jobs off your list.

1. Data Entry Associate



This job is one that softwares can easily replace. With the increasing development in technology, the mundane and repetitive job of entering data into the computer is one that will be performed by humans for a short while.

2. Typist



With a new age where hard copies of almost any document are rarely needed and CEO’s that are constantly blogging, the need for a typist is dwindling. Voice-recognition software is available now for those who need someone to “take a letter”.

3. Telemarketer



Robocalls are increasingly replacing human telemarketers. Few people, other than telemarketer themselves, will mourn the passing of this job. The robocalls have the advantage of being able to perform 24/7 with no need for a break and can also maintain the perky attitude programmed into it, no matter how many people hang up.

4. Bank Teller



ATMs are already used more than their human counterparts. 85% of possible transactions can be performed at the ATM with little to no need for human assistance. Citibank is experimenting with video-based tellers and ATM-based loan applications that will lead to a decrease in the number of human tellers.

5. Travel Agent



Years ago, if people wanted to travel somewhere and wanted to find the best deal, they went to a travel agent. But with websites like Expedia and Orbitz, the occupation of travel agent has become almost superfluous. People no longer feel the need to visit or call an agent when they can simply get what they want from a website for free.

6. Mail Carrier



The amount of snail mail is greatly decreasing in today’s digital age. This coupled with developing drone delivery systems, means that a job at the postal service will be non-existent in the future.

7. Telephone Operator



People who answer phones for companies and overnight call services are vanishing species. This is not only due to automation which lets computers handle calls but also due to outsourcing where cheaper labor is easily available for multinational corporations.

8. Newspaper Reporter



The average consumer is less dependent on the newspaper due to the internet. With new blogs popping up everyday and services like Google News, the need for a paper media news outlet is on the decline. The profession of newspaper reporter is bound to decline as a result of this changing trend.

9. Receptionist



This is much like the profession of telephone operator, and is also being replaced by softwares like Virtual Receptionist. Other countries, like Japan, are using actual robots to act as a receptionist. One of the main reasons why receptionists have not been replaced completely is because customers dislike lack of human interaction.

10. Cashier


There is already a rise of self-checkout machines and the task of a cashier is one that can simply be automated. But with recent complaints by customers about these machines, companies are cautiously moving into the time of completely automated checkout machines. Cashiers may still have some time left.


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    but i think news repoter are still famous infact i also want to become a journalist..

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