10 New Smartphone Features That You Really Need To Know

Your smartphone has super powers. No, really! It has packed up an entire desk’s worth of accessories into one little portable gadget. A phone, a calendar, a clock, alarm, a reminder, a scanner, a camera, well pretty much everything you can put your hand on. Even this is not the end of the powers of your little computer. Here are a few things you can do with your phone, some of which you may have never imagined.

10. Lockscreen Message

The recent versions of Android allow you the option of displaying a message on the screen. If you ever misplace your phone and the finder is kind enough, it will save you and them quite a lot of trouble. Just go to Settings > Lock Screen, and Security > Lock Screen Signature, and set up an alternate phone number or your email address.

Image: YouTube

9. Smartphone Return

An anti-theft app on your phone like Cerberus takes pictures from your phone, activates mic, deletes data on the phone, and can even block it. It can be located via GPS or give out a loud signal that gets the attention of people around.

Image: ID Theft Authority

8. Save Memory

Data storage space is like money; you just keep running out of it while cramming your phone with useless trash. You may not always have time to organize it, but you can choose to back your data up to the cloud, only until you run out of cloud storage. Then you can upload all of your data to Telegram messenger.

Image: TheSkop

7.  Use Phone As CCTV

If you have an old smartphone lying around, you can just use it as a CCTV that captures photos whenever someone appears in view. This YouTube video demonstrates how you can assemble your own CCTV and even use it to monitor your baby.

6. Dash Cam

Your phone can serve as a DVR or Dashboard camera for your car if you set it up to get the best view, and then pair it up with special DVR apps. It is a better idea to use an actual DVR, but if it is a temporary vehicle, a DIY works fine.

Image: Geckoandfly

5. Get To Developer Menu

You can change more settings on your phone than you normally do. Just get to Settings > About phone > Click on “Model Number” 7 times. You are now the developer, and you can tweak overall performance, signal reception, and even system appearance.

Image: AndroidSigma

4. UV Light

A UV light is pretty great if you want to check the authenticity of bank notes. Just get some tape, markers, and you can make your UV flashlight. Get a piece of tape and stick it to the flashlight and paint with a blue marker. Add another tape layer and paint purple, then repeat this process. This YouTube video may help you to do it better.

3. Construction Level

The gyro and accelerometer sensors in your phone will let you use it as a level, and all you need to do is find a relevant app. Such apps are available both on Android and iOS store. It is not a good idea to use it for professional level construction, but if you are hanging photos or doing some DIY, this is a great idea!

Image: Brightside

2. Applications Stats

If you are unsure of what is eating up your battery, or where are you spending most of your time, look up the stats. Just go to Settings> Battery > get the dial to “last 7 days, ” and there will be a list of your most used apps. This works for iOS, but you will have to get an app like Instant for accessing that information.

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1. Monochrome Mode

You can get rid of all the colors and go to monochrome mode. However, you will have to go to the magic menu and find “simulate anomaly” that will let you turn on the monochrome mode.

Image: Pixabay

Smart and unique! You need to give them a try atleast once. Do share with us if you have already tried some of these features.

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