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10 Most Beautiful Laptops In The World

Although the market for laptops has been going down with the continuous rise in processing power and functionality of smartphones, most of us still require them for many of our basic day to day functions like laptop and speaking of laptops here are the most beautiful laptops in the world. And in order to keep them relevant, companies have been looking to add that “X factor” into the laptops.

Today Wonderful Engineering will list down the 10 most beautiful laptops in the world that you can buy today (or very soon):

The Asus ZenBook’s

Pic Credits: Asus

The cover has a beautiful brushed-metal exterior that will never fail to catch your eye. Asus ZenBook has a circular brushed finish in a metallic look, giving it a beautiful matte gloss which follows you as you look around it.
You can get one here

The LG Gram

Pic Credits: LG

When you first look at it, you might mistake it for Apple’s MacBook Air. But the fact is LG Gram is more fashionable and sleeker than its Apple counterpart, courtesy the borderless display
You can get one here

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro

Pic Credits: Samsung

Continuing with the tradition of class and charisma, Samsung’s Ativ Ultrabooks is amazingly slim and has an elegant curved design on its side edges. It is super light, giving an impression of literally floating above the table it is on.
You can get one here

Yoga Pro 900

Pic Credits: Lenovo

Lenovo Yoga Pro 900 is super thin with an all-glass display making it truly a premium laptop. The most amazing feature is its hinge that looks like something from a Rolex watch or a fancy jewellery store. The hinge lets you move your Laptop display full 360 degrees, hence the name Yoga Pro.

Other than the metallic orange or “clementine orange” colour, Lenovo also offers other colours like champagne gold or silver.
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Pic Credits: Lenovo

Razer Blade Stealth

Picture Credits: Razer

A dream for gamers due to their high-quality graphic cards and flashy neon littered body, Razer laptops have been really popular among this particular community. But the Blade Stealth is a little bit different from its counterparts.

It is quite slim and sleek, unlike most gaming laptops, because instead of installing an inbuilt graphics card, the GPU is placed in a separate enclosure which can be connected to the laptop when a high graphics application is to be used. The Stealth has an all-black design with a smooth matte finish.

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Pic Credits: slashgear

And as for the people who like their laptops glowing with neon, it also allows you to customise the colours and patterns of the backlit keys, making them shine in a beautiful pattern across the keyboard.

Acer Aspire S13

Pic Credits: acer

Acer Aspire S13 is another gem in Acer’s line of laptops. With nano-imprint patterning, it gives a luxurious touch of texture and class. It is beautifully sculptured with bevelled ends and chamfered edges. Full HD touch screen and lean body, the laptop one of the best ones out there.
You can get one here

ASUS Lamborghini VX3-A1Y

Pic Credits: laptopmag

Almost everyone will agree with me, there are only a couple of things which are sexier than a hot car. But not everyone has $375K laying around for a Lamborghini, so the next best thing would be the $3,300 ASUS Lamborghini VX3-A1Y. The beauty was released in 2008, and came in the traditional Lamborghini colours of black or yellow, with the car logo adorning the cover.

The laptop isn’t very powerful compared to the latest ones, but with a 12-inch titanium alloy frame, it also had a genuine leather palm rest, adding on the luxury. And for the petrol heads, best feature would be the “vroom vroom” sound it made when you booted it.
You can get one here

Samsung ARM Series 3 Chromebook

Pic Credits: t3

Its’ slim, it’s light and it’s very cheap when compared with the counterparts. Although it has a plastic body, but it gives you an impression of being a Macbook Air at the price of just £229.
You can get one here

Lenovo IdeaPad U110

Pic Credits: laptopmag

Lenovo is probably at the forefront at making gorgeous looking laptops, and U110 with its cherry red lid wasn’t any less irresistible. It also had a captivating subtle tendril pattern and a Greek key pattern on the underside. With a high-gloss looking interior, this sure is one stylish machine.
You can get one here

HP Spectre

Pic Credits: hp

Lavish, exuberant and excitable, the HP Spectre is everything that the minimalist LG Gram is not. The mere hinge looks like a carved out bar of gold, and copper accents adorns its body adding to the luxury. The company also claims that it is the thinnest laptop in the world at the moment and one of the most beautiful laptops in the world.

You can get one here

Do you have any other cool looking laptops we should cover? Be the owner of the most beautiful laptops in the world. Let us know in the comments’ section below!

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