10 Modern Inventions That Will Change Our Lives

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According to many people, we are transitioning into a High-Tech Age, where new tech will make older versions extinct. We are in the midst of an intense technological revolution that is sure to change the world for good. Below are some gadgets that have been or will be released in the near future, and all of them are sure to change our lives.

1. Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System

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This device, developed by Second Sight, works to restore vision for those suffering from partial or complete blindness. The device works by using a mini video camera to pick up images which are transmitted to an implant on the user’s eye after being transformed into digital instructions. When these are received, the implant sends them to an electrode array, which forwards the info to the brain via the optic nerve. This life-changing device can provide sight to millions of disabled people around the world.

2. Myo

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This armband is loaded with sensors that can pick up on the electrical activity in your muscles, allowing you to control your electronics wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Myo is sure to be the next generation of gesture control. The device will work with Windows and Mac OS, with iOS and Android support soon to follow. The device is available for a price of $150. If this band is successful, it could mean the end of camera-based gesture-recognition.

3. Google Glass

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Google Glass is the first pair of smart glasses that is practical and works on an everyday basis. Users have said that the experience was actually good, except for the uncanny feeling that everyone is staring at you. Getting real-time information on everything you can see may appear to be an overload of information now, but in the future it is likely that people will get used to the idea.

4. Billboard That Produces Clean Water

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Advertising has become almost as essential as water to the modern day society. The revolutionary billboard is located in Lima, Peru and is developed by The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and ad agency Mayo DraftFCB. The billboard uses five filtration devices and uses Lima’s humid air to produce twenty-six gallons of water per day. This billboard will not only provide clean water to one of Peru’s most populated city, but it will also encourage kids to go into engineering and apply to UTEC.

5. Smart Watch

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Pebble is the first smart watch to be made commercially available to the masses. The watch can do everything a traditional watch can, but also has the added advantage of being able to connect to your smartphone or tablet with an iOS or Android software. This allows the watch to give you important updates and information without you having to take your phone or tablet out. The device even has its own app store, made by the developers to make it more interesting to use.

6. The 4K TVs

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The conventional, bulky television is a dying breed and the 4K TV’s may just deliver the final blow. These new televisions can display movies with resolutions four times bigger than HDTV. At the moment, the pricing is an issue, making these devices available to the elite class with costs ranging from $5,000 to $24,000. But there is sure to be a day when these next-gen devices will be available in every home.

7. Parallella 

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In the simplest words, this is a supercomputer for the average person. Parallella is going to change the way that computers are made and its creators are offering everyone a chance to take part in the revolution. With Parallella, real-time object tracking, holographic heads-up display, and speech recognition will all become even smarter and more effective. The price of $99 is incredible for this mini-supercomputer that is sure to change the field of computing forever.

8. Oculus Rift

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This virtual reality headset has the potential of changing the gaming industry for ever. With the great design and graphical capacities of current console and PC games, gamers are constantly demanding a more realistic gaming experience. Oculus Rift puts them right in the action and we can only imagine how this incredible tech will be incorporated into games that we already know.

9. Wing Roller Coasters

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Wing Coasters place the passenger on the sides of the track and give them the illusion that they’re riding on the wing of a plane with nothing above or below them. Currently there are five in the world, of which three are in the US. It’s not recommended for people who are afraid of high rises, nor for those of us who have a propensity to vomit.

10. Tooth Sensor

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For many children and adolescents, visiting the dentist is a very serious issue. People across various age groups have a fear of dentists, which keeps them from going at all. What if the number of visits to the dentist could be limited? Scientists at Princeton and Tufts have been working on a thin tooth sensor that may limit the amount of times we will need to get our teeth checked, meaning less visits to the dentist. The sensor will alert users when it detects any bacteria that could cause cavities, plaque buildup, or any other infections, so you only go to the dentist when you have to.

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