10 Inventions You Never Knew You Needed


Necessity is the mother of invention. So the obvious first step towards invention is the realization that you need something and then you either start looking for it or you invent it. But here is the stuff that when you see, you’ll realize that you didn’t even know that you had needed them all along. Thanks to wonderful engineering!

This collection of creative inventions promises to make life more comfortable and exciting.

1. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

The toothpaste tube squeezer will end the struggles of getting the last bit of tooth paste out. You can get one here


2. CATable

The CATable will keep your cat busy while you work on your project.



3. Cup Holder Umbrella

Loads to hold and only two hands. To add to the misery, it’s raining!
But, well, this umbrella can hold the drink for you.



4. Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Make a better judgement according to the service. Watch how much you’re going to cook. You can get one here


5. Pizza Scissors Spatula

With Pizza scissors spatula, no more messy edges. And yes, everyone gets equal share. End of War! You can get one here



6. Baby Shower Cap

No more tears, baby! Bath time is now fun time. You can get one here


7. Rotating 360° Lego Sockets

The invention offers space for all sorts of plugs while each individual socket can be rotated.


8. Reusable Candle Holder

Increase your candle life with this candle holder.



9. Universal Wrapping Paper

One wrapping paper for all occasions. Just spend some time in finding the correct greeting from the puzzle before you dispatch the gifts.



10. Rolling Bench

Rotating bench guarantees a dry place to sit even after it has rained.


rolling bench


  1. Ahsan Reply

    candles cannot be reuse, because it hold a type of burning material and once it used, it leaves just a rough material that is not burnable.

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