10 Interesting Engineering Wonders Around The World


There are many unusual and freaky structures around the world, and one has to stand and laud the engineering proneness that must have gone into their planning and execution. Here are ten appalling engineering masterpieces that will surely leave you scratching your head.

1) Cable Laying Vessel

This vessel is called the ‘AMC Connector‘ and is the world’s largest cable-laying ship. The AMC Connector was used to install two power cables and a fiber optic cable along a 100 km route between Dublin and Wales on the seabed.

[Image Source: Imgur]

2) Lujiazui Pedestrian Bridge

The Lujiazui Pedestrian Bridge is in the Pudong district of Shanghai. It sits 20 feet above street level and allows thousands of pedestrians to move about a circular high line without disrupting the traffic below.


[Image Source: Zigomar via Wikipedia]

3) Sidu River Bridge

China’s Sidu River Bridge is a spectacle of engineering as it currently is the tallest in the world, hanging at approximately 1,600 feet above the breathtaking valley of Hubei at the border of Yichang and En’shi. The bridge spans over 5,000 feet, and the builders needed a rocket to string the first pilot line from one end to the other.

[Image Source: Glabb via Wikipedia]

4) Copenhagen Airport’s Paper Plane Terminal

The Copenhagen Airport’s Terminal 3 in Denmark is of a shape like a paper plane and hosts over 20 million people every year.

[Image Source: Imgur]

5) Manhattan’s Largest Apartment Complex

Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village was built back in the 1940s for the World War II veterans and is present between 14th and 23rd Street on Manhattan’s east side. The entire village is made of 56 12 story red brick structures and is home to around 27,500 residents in around 11,000 units.

[Image Source: Alec Jordan via Wikipedia]

6) Brusio Spiral Viaduct in Switzerland

The Brusio spiral viaduct is arched stone spiral railway track located in Brusio Switzerland in the Canton of Graubünden. The 110 meters long viaduct allows trains to gain elevation and has a horizontal radius of curvature of 70 meters. The viaduct rises a train up to 20 meters.

[Image Source: Kabelleger / David Gubler via Wikipedia]

7) Construction Beneath The Provo Tabernacle

The Provo Tabernacle in Utah was constructed in 1883 but burned down in a fire tragedy. The rebuilding phase was about 43 months with complicated two levels of the basement whose construction was below the burnt structure.

[Image Source: White whirlwind via Wikipedia]

8) The Forth Bridge

The Forth Bridge is in the list of the longest bridges in the world and spans over 2,529 meters. The railway bridge stretches across the estuary (Firth) of the River Forth in Scotland and links Fife to Edinburgh via rail.

[Image Source: Andrew Shiva via Wikipedia]

9) Confederation Bridge

The Confederation Bridge is Canada’s greatest architectural achievements. The bridge spans 12.9 kilometers (8 miles) and is currently world’s longest bridge that connects two eastern Canadian provinces, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

[Image Source: Wladyslaw via Wikipedia]

10) The Infinity Bridge

The Infinity Bridge was a part of the North Shore Redevelopment Project driven by Tees Valley Regeneration. It is a brilliantly architected steel bridge designed for bicycle riders and pedestrians. The bridge is 272 meters long and spans across the Tees River in Stock-on-Tees, England. The entire project cost £15 million.

[Image Source: Victoria Johnson via Wikipedia]

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