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10 Incredible Science Facts They Never Told You In High School

10 incredible science facts

Most of the high school science lessons were centered around the Periodic table and the science of DNA replication. However, it seems like the high-school science education missed on some cool and amazing science stuff as well.

1. Triple Point of Water

You must have read about the boiling and freezing points of water in your high-school textbooks. But did you know that water can co-exist in all its three states, solid, liquid and gas? You just need the right pressure and temperature to ensure that the three states can co-exist in complete equilibrium.

2. Laser Entrapped in Waterfall

Your science book must have had a description of the phenomenon of the total internal reflection and the principle of the fiber optic communications. Yet, you missed an outstanding example of the same phenomenon which details how the laser light gets entrapped in the waterfall based on the principle of total internal reflection.



3. The Space Crafts travel at a Mind-Boggling 36000 mph

The usual notion of space travel is that it takes months to get from one planet to the other. Therefore, many people assume that the space crafts must be pretty slow to do their job. However, the comparison with our standard transportation systems shows how incredibly fast these space shuttles missions travel through space.



Therefore, the gif showing the speed of Horizon as it flew past Pluto as compared to the speeds of Boeing 747 and SR 71 Blackbird is quite extraordinary.

4. Cracked Egg Under Water Appears Like An Outlandish Marine Species

An egg cracked 60 feet under the ocean surface holds it all together just as if the egg shell were still around it.



5. Flowing Proof for Pythagoras’ Theorem

The Pythagoras theorem can also be proven with the help of the fluids.



6. How does a Black Hole suck up a star

As the stars are pulled in by the enormous gravitational force of the black hole, it is ripped apart. Some of the plasma making up the star is swallowed up by the black hole while the remaining is ejected at a very high speed.



7. Your Fingers CAN Help you see Better if you forgot your Glasses at Home

So you just need to roll your fingers and focus on the object you want to look at; the image will be visibly clear.

8.     Embryonic Face Development

The researchers have recently mapped out how the embryo undergoes development to result into the formation of the human face. The process is quite mesmerizing.



9. Popping Knuckles will not worsen your Arthritis

The researcher who popped knuckles of only one of his hands for 60 years reported that there was no difference in the arthritis condition of both the hands.



10. Cats Land on their Feet thanks to Physics

The incredible ability of the cats to land on their feet is due to the fact that they can use both halves of their body separately.


If you already knew these facts, you really ought to give your high school science teachers a call and thank them profusely for their dedication and commitment.