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10 Hoverboards That Come With Best Warranty

Hoverboards are expensive, and the rugged nature of their use means that they can often be subject of mechanical & electrical failures. So it is always useful if your vendor provides warranty and in this article, we cover some of the best warranties available along with your hoverboard.

If you already own a Hoverboard, you can simply get extended warranty here and here.

HoverTech Hover Board (480.08$)

Though this company has up to the mark customer support but the warranty it offers is very ambiguous. The products are shipped with Amazon’s standard one year warranty and if you are lucky, maybe the company will add its own to that.

Available Here

Leray Hoverboards (499.99$)

Leray is offering a warranty with its hoverboards but the duration of time during which you can claim the warranty varies. Manufacturer has offered warranties mostly for a year but right now you would have to contact them before buying the device from amazon.com

Available Here

Glyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo (555$)

This seller offers half a year warranty on their product. As reported by some consumers their claim rejections are high and would not ship out a replacement once they get the old product back.

Available Here

Razor Self Balancing Scooter (599$)

Their after sales service is commendable. They offer one year warranty with free replacement service, and you can claim the warranty by sending pictures or videos.

Available Here

Sharper Image Hoverboard (419$)

Sharper Image offers some of the best Hoverboards in the market regarding build quality. You will not have many occasions where you will have to file a claim for warranty, but they offer a one-year time warranty just in case.

Available Here

IO Hawk Chic Smart S1 Hoverboards That Come With Best Warranty (949$)

Customer support for this product is excellent, and most consumers have been satisfied with overall rates of warranty claim acceptance. But be warned these services are only applicable in the USA.

Available Here

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD (499$)

Powerboard is a less known brand in Hoverboards, but they have excellent after sales services. Thier warranty varies between 1 to 2 years.

Available Here

Jetson Self Balancing Electric Scooter (355$)

Jetson hoverboards offer one year warranty along with 30-day money back guarantee.  Products can be shipped to their office from almost anywhere.

Available Here

Anhell Hoverboards That Come With Best Warranty

Anhell offers a warranty of 15 months on their hoverboards. They have excellent customer support that can be reached from anywhere in the world and the warranty claim process is also relatively easy.

Available Here

Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Hoverboards That Come With Best Warranty (499$)

Swagway has perhaps the largest collection of hoverboards and the firm has a solid one year warranty with their products. What’s great about their service is that they are easy to reach & even quicker in dispatching replacements or spares. Their experience in dealing with hoverboards makes them the best.

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