Here Are 10 Most Hilarious Ways To Cool Down Your Computer


An overheating computer system is a disaster for anyone, but if you are a gamer or a heavy computer user, it is an absolute nightmare. Obviously, the simpler solution is fans, but they are not always enough. People come up with ridiculous ways to cool down their computers, some of which may actually work, while others err.

You may want to consider some as jokes with ‘Do not try this at home’ label. Interestingly, most of these genius solutions came from Russia. How hot does it get there anyways?

10. Stick It In The Freezer

What is the coldest place in your house? Freezer? Yes, this is exactly where your overheating computer needs to be banished.

Image: Imgur

9. Cold Storage Compartments Are Even Better

The more, the merrier.

Image: ONGAB

8. Extra Fans

There is absolutely no limit to how many, just stick in as many as you can!

Image: MacRumors
Image: MacRumors

7. Strip Down Your PC

Is your PC heating because of the restricted inadequate airflow? Simple, get rid of the casing and make a mobile PC. Get rid of the box and just hang the components from the ceiling.

Image: CK101

6. Add A Supercharger Cooler

This may sound like we are exaggerating, but the aesthetics of this are just the most appreciable part. Who wouldn’t want to super-cool his PC?

Image: Raktron

5. Make Ice Lolly PC

Can’t stick it in the freezer? Just build its own freezer, temporary as it might be.

Image: XAGE

4. Get An Air Conditioner For Your PC

So your PC can get its own AC unit, and let it run at a temperature as low as -5 degree Celsius.

Image: XAGE

3. A Mineral Oil Aquarium

Throw out your fish, fill that aquarium with mineral or baby oil, and just stick your PC components in there. No air ventilation required anymore!

2. A Water Cup

A Reddit user just had the simplest solution of all.

Image: Reddit

1. Irn-Bru Liquid Cooling

This is one of the most glorious looking computer systems in the World, but fortunately or unfortunately, it does not use actual Irn-Bru for cooling. Yeah, we are not looking forward to those little fizzy explosions!



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