10 Genius And Simple Urban Design Ideas Every City Must Follow

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Image Credit ntd.tv

After a long and exhausting day, you decide to take a stroll in the park to regain the peace and strength. But, that stroll ends up in an hour long search for a bench to sit in peace, because it rained last night and now, everything has turned into a little puddle. Well, that is not the only problem, the fast paced urban life comes jam packed with a trillion problems of its own. Designers are called to make designs which ensure that a city-life is a dash more pleasant and a tad more comfortable.

All these design ideas seem simple, yet an enormous amount of creativity goes into their birth. Here are a few of those brilliant ideas that breathe a little life into our days in urban areas.

10. The bench that is also a flower bed

Photo credits: Dis-section.com
Photo credits: Dis-section.com

9. An eco-friendly Wi-Fi hotspot

Photo credits: Mathieu Lehanneur

8. Reflective fence that matches the season

Photo credits: Alyson Shotz
Photo credits: Alyson Shotz

7. Glow-in-dark bike path

Photo credits: Daan Roosegaarde

6. Bench that turns over for you to sit on the dry side

Photo credits: Pinterest

5. IBM shelter, bench, and stairway ideas

Photo credits: lostateminor.com

4. A public workplace

Photo credits: BD Barcelona Design

3. The tulip folding chairs

Photo credits: thestar.com

2. Public hammocks

Photo credits: trendhunter.com

1. Bus stop swings

Photo credits: dailytouslesjours
Photo credits: dailytouslesjours

Have you ever came across any other creative designs to revolutionize urban planning and design? Let us know in the comments.



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