10 Gadgets That Are As Important As Your Passport When You Travel


Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, the journey is pretty much the same. Although modern airports have been made slightly more convenient, there is still room for improvement. But until that time, the modern day traveler is faced by a few setbacks during his journey across the globe. Here are ten gadgets that are a must have to make your travelling experience hassle and worry free.

1. Triposo App

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This app is free for both Android and iOS devices. While it may seem like this app is just a tour guide, Triposo is so much more. The app takes into consideration local weather conditions and gives you a travel plan accordingly. The app will even take business hours into account so that whatever restaurant you choose, it is open for service.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

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At $200, these headphones are well worth the price when used in long journeys. The best in the market are Audio Technica’s QuietPoint Active Noise-canceling headphones, which are both lightweight and can be folded and stored in a compact case. The headphones are claimed to cancel out 90 percent of environmental noise.
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3. Swany’s Walkin’ Bag

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This bag is the perfect carry-on. Measuring 22″x 14″x 9″, this bad easily fits into the overhead compartments on a plane. But the amazing feature of the bag is it’s design and strength. The Walkin’ Bag has curved telescopic handles that can support 250 pounds, allowing people who have trouble getting around to use it as a walker, while the frame can support 180 pounds and allows the bag to be used as a seat in rushed delays.
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4. GlobaTrak’s Trakdot

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Unlike other GPS-based tracking devices, the Trakdot is GSM-based tracker. The device pairs with your cell phone and can be placed into you luggage bag. The Trakdot is operated by 2 AA batteries and is FAA compliant. The device has an accelerometer which lets the device sleep while in transit, and once it is unloaded the device wakes up and sends a text or email alert to your phone, informing you of its arrival. The device costs $90 with activation and one year of service.
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5. Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier


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The recirculated air on board planes can be dry and be hazardous to our respiratory systems. This can be solved by adding moisture to the air you breath, which keeps your airways clean. The Travel Humidifier is a $50 device which lets you use any water bottle as a source of water and provides you with clean humidified air to keep your respiratory system happy.
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6. Satechi’s Smart Travel Adapter and Wireless Router


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When travelling to less developed countries, you may find that your hotel room does not have any WiFi reception. Thanks to this Travel Adapter and Wireless Router, you never have to live the nightmare of going without internet during your stay at any hotel. For $45, this device provides you with a charging solution for your devices and also allows you to connect a Ethernet cable to provide you with your own wireless access point.
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7. ChargeCard

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Travelling without your mobile phone is unthinkable nowadays. If the battery were to die then your device is just as useless as a rock. Nomad’s ChargeCard is $25 device that allows you to charge your devices without having to handle tangled cables or looking for an outlet. The credit-card sized device has a compact Lightning cable and a micro USB or iPhone lead, so you can always have a quick charge wherever you go.
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8. GoToob

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Thanks to the GooToob, people no longer have to buy over-priced, travel-sized versions of their toiletries. The GooToob is a refillable container that can be used to hold your toiletries without any worry and makes filling them up as easy and simple without any mess. Prices vary between $18 and $26, depending on the sized of a three-pack of tubes.
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9. Train Reaction


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Carrying around multiple bags can be a great hassle when you are walking across an airport or even to the cab. The Train Reaction is a simple device which allows you to link your bags together and lets you have one free hand to use your phone or anything else. The simple device costs only $15.
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10. Eagle Creek’s Cable TSA Lock

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Having a lock on you luggage gives you a great piece of mind while travelling. The TSA Cable Lock by Eagle Creek is a device that baggage screeners can open but other can’t. The lock also has two ways to lock it – via a key and a combination lock. Next time you need a lock this is a must have. Each lock costs $13.50.
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