10 Everyday Symbols That Have A Hidden Meaning


Our brains, evolved over millions of years for hunting and gathering, are not very sharp when it comes to deciphering modern day symbolism aptly hidden even to the keenest of eyes. If you don’t believe me, have a look at these 10 everyday objects, logos, and monuments that you probably view everyday but never ever noticed the symbols hidden in plain sight.

1) The Toblerone chocolate bars logo has a hidden bear in it!

The name also hides the word “Berne” in it, which is the hometown of the company in Switzerland.
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2) The seven spikes on Lady Liberty’s crown represent the seven continents on Earth!

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3) You know nothing about Lady Liberty!

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4) Yes, the symbols on your garments do have a meaning!

5) You couldn’t even crack the code on the dollar bills!

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6) The StarDust board is shaped like a cloud for a reason

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7) Red And White Barber Shop Pole

In olden days, barbers were not only hairdressers but also cooks and doctors. One of the key practice in treating the patients was draining a small amount of blood from the place of injury which was assumed to be cure of the problem. When the messy practice was done, the bloody bandages and towels were hung outside the shop as advertisements, which sometimes wrapped around the poles and gave a similar view as to the red and white shop poles.

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8) Amazon’s hidden symbols!

9) Adidas had the “never give up” theme even when drawing up their logo

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10) If you are one of those people who get confused by electrical switches

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