10 Cool Tricks With Everyday Use Items That You Did Not Know Before


Many times we come across some extra features of household items that make its use even clumsier. We can hardly stop appreciating the uselessness of these features with our choicest swear words especially when handling goes wrong because of them. Well, you have been ignorant the whole time as the unnecessary features are present there for a reason. Let me show you ten of these to illustrate my point:

1. The tip of the can as a straw holder. Soda can open slot has a hole that is meant to be used as a straw holder. Just reverse it and insert your straw into it. It prevents the straw from moving around.


2. Juice boxes are a source of annoyance as kids tend to knock them over and cause permanent stains. Just pull the fins of the juice box out till at 90 degrees as shown here.


3. Slots at the end of pot handles are here for supporting the spoon in idle condition.


4. Waste less Tic Tacs by guiding it into the lid carrier.


5. Storing peanut butter upside down helps with better distribution of peanut oil. If it is stored in normal condition, the top butter will be much drier than the bottom one.


6. Avoid disconnection of makeshift joints by knotting them together. They won’t open even if pulled hard because the knot has to be dealt with first.


7. Flossing with a circular floss. Tired of string tearing down your hands while flossing? Just make it into a circle and use it.


8. Turning lids from soft drinks into coasters.


9. Conserving toothpaste. Just a pea-sized amount is enough for cleaning your teeth. The extra toothpaste isn’t even assimilated when you start rinsing for spit.


10. Using Aluminum covers as spoons. You can easily shape Aluminum cover into a spoon if you run short of them during a picnic.




  1. Michael Reply

    Tying elect. cords together is a very bad idea and can get you a big fine on a job site!

  2. Nadeem Ansari Reply

    I want to be a complete follower of your website. Thanx

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