10 Common Idiotic Passwords That You Need To Avoid


The concept of password is to help protect your private data/account from other people using it.password1 That is why it is very important that you select a good password that is hard to hack and present some form of challenge to anyone who’s trying to access your account without your permission.Featured Image While this much of information is known by everyone; we still find that there are a lot of stupid passwords which are in play still. SplashData compiled a list which was made from the passwords that were made public and we were surprised to see the top 10 passwords used by people.passwordscloud So, go on, give it a read and if you’re using any of these passwords; change it and avoid using such passwords again.

10. adobe123

Genius! No wonder adobe was easy to hack.

9. iloveyou

I love you too, said the hacker.

8. 1234567

Stop folks, you’re giving us cancer!

7. 111111

Hmmmmm! Interesting.

6. 123456789

Seriously?! It is still as lame as 12345.

5. abc123

Alright, at least this person tried mixing it up!

4. qwerty

Didn’t know you could keep passwords after the keyboard type.

3. 12345678

Here’s an eight character long password, totally un-hack-able.

2. password

What were you thinking?!

1. 123456

Alright, just because the password has to be six characters long doesn’t mean that you keep this as your password.

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