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10 Cities That Are Leading The Tech Startup Scene From Around The Globe


The Brighton School of Business and Management recently released a latest study outlining the best cities from around the globe to launch a tech startup. This study is a handy tool for budding entrepreneurs who are in search of a favourable entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Image Source: Transformify

10. Sofia, Bulgaria

The city will be the future centre of the tech startup from the South-Eastern Europe. Quite a few acceleration and incubation programmes are offering great incentives to lure the local community to adopt the tech culture.


Image Source: Flickr

9. Cairo, Egypt

In the wake of the Arab Spring, the tech startup community in Egypt is growing at a fast pace, and has emerged as one of the most significant entrepreneurial societies.


Image Source: Ciee

8. London, England

Situated at the junction of the Old World and the New World, London is the seventh most influential tech hub in the world and offers a great market.


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7. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia is ideal for tech startups owing to its recent entry into the entrepreneurship circle. The city offers great incentives in terms of the workforce as well as tax benefits for startups.


Image Source: Australia

6. Sydney, Australia

The tech culture in Sydney is rich and provides quite a few interactive platforms to bring together the founders, investors and innovators so as to encourage the growth of the tech community in Australia.


Image Source: ifhp

5. Bangalore, India

Fittingly dubbed the IT capital of India, the city is home to more than 3000 tech startups. The city will be one of the major future hubs of technology.


Image Source: Couch surfing stories

4. Moscow, Russia

With the formation of the Skolkovo Foundation, the Kremlin has laid down a solid foundation to help the tech startup on their way in Russia. The government aims to reduce the dependence on the natural resources by encouraging technology.


Image Source: Toptrip

3. Warsaw, Poland

The Polish capital is well-known for fostering a great entrepreneurial environment. The city will also be home to the tech giant Google, set to launch its Polish campus in Q4, 2016.


Image Source: icmh2015

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The burgeoning tech startup industry in Malaysia is primarily encouraged by the lower cost of living in the country. Apart from that, a diversified ethnic community provides easy access to an ideal test population.


Image Source: Traveler Corner

1. Beijing, China

Despite the strong cultural values and a dominant preference for the traditional careers, the technical startups are popping all over Beijing like mushrooms. Apart from being the political capital of the country, the city also houses a promising startup community.

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