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This New Graphene-Filter Bottle Can Purify Water At The Push Of A Button

Defender Graphene-Filter Water Bottle Purifies At The Push Of A Button

In the ever-evolving landscape of water filtration technology, Norwegian startup Vitaloop has unveiled a game-changing solution – the Defender bottle. Embracing innovation and efficiency, this water purifier combines a revolutionary filtration system to deliver pristine, virus-free drinking water at the push of a button.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed various water filtration bottle designs, each striving to surpass traditional methods like the standard fridge-stored Brita pitcher. From modular ecosystems to UV zapper tops, the search for the ultimate water purifier has seen a host of creative solutions. Now, Vitaloop’s Defender bottle raises the bar, employing a five-part “Nanoflow” multi-filtration system with a battery-powered pump to ensure every drop of water is purified to perfection.

The magic of the Defender lies in its Nanoflow filtration system, which starts with a basic mesh inlet, filtering out larger sediment and particles upon contact. Next, a fine hollow-fiber micro-filter comes into play, annihilating an impressive 99.9999% of bacteria, protozoa, and parasites. The battle against viruses is fought with a halogen-based purifier, capable of eliminating up to 99.999% of these microscopic threats. An activated carbon filter removes heavy metals and chemicals for a clean and refreshing taste. And if that weren’t enough, a “revolutionary” graphene filter completes the ensemble, tackling micro-plastics, providing antibacterial support, and optimizing overall efficiency.

Operating the Defender is delightfully easy. Submerge the inlet into the water source while keeping the mouthpiece out to avoid contamination. Then, with a simple push of a button, the integrated pump activates, swiftly cycling 16.2 ounces (480 ml) of water through the Nanoflow filtration stack in a mere 45 seconds, ready for consumption.

Versatility and hygiene are at the core of the Defender’s design. An inner bladder ensures that unfiltered water remains separate from the clean supply, preventing any possibility of cross-contamination. Unlike traditional straw-based systems, the Vitaloop creation allows effortless pouring and sharing without sharing the drinking cap, reducing germ spread between users.

The Defender is a reliable companion, equipped with an integrated USB-C-rechargeable battery, capable of delivering up to 100 filtration cycles (50 liters) per charge, ensuring hydration on the go for multiple days. The filter’s impressive lifespan spans 200 liters. Lightweight at just over a pound (17.3 oz or 490 kg) and with dimensions of 10.4 x 3 inches (26.5 x 7.5 cm), the Defender proves to be a portable, user-friendly water purification solution.

Vitaloop is gearing up to launch an Indiegogo campaign featuring both the Defender bottle and a second model, the Outdoor, which focuses on pure filtration without virus elimination, ideal for areas where viruses pose no threat. Interested individuals can sign up for notifications and anticipate early bird discounts, with the Defender priced at $160 and the Outdoor at $150. Spare Defender filters will be available at $35 each or $65 for a two-pack.

To showcase the Defender’s efficiency in urban settings, Vitaloop shares a quick clip below demonstrating their pump system and the ease of collecting water from a canal when needing a quick refreshment.

Source: Vitaloop

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