10 Brilliant Tips To Distinguish Original Products From The Fake Ones

Technology is getting better. We get to have better-made products, and fraudsters continue to find brilliant ways of creating counterfeit products. They are made so well that I imagine even the makers themselves would have a hard time telling differences.

You pay good money for good quality original products, make sure you are not being ripped off with fake ones. Here are some tricks for certain products that will help you along the way:

1. Levi’s Jeans

All jeans have arc-shaped stitching on back pocket except the rare Authentics Signature. All Levi’s tabs have the signature in lower case “e.” An upper case E is fake, and the serial number on the patch is the same as the tissue belt inside.

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The pin buttons are made of metal and the top is engraved with Levi Strauss signature. On the underside is the style serial number. The copper studs are not covered with enamel and there is always a serial number inside and outside.

2. Lacoste Polo

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The buttons for the Lacoste Polo shirts are made with mother-of-pearl, so they have a variegated color. They are also flat and slightly saddled in the middle, and there is no writing. The label is a green crocodile which is always stitched separately and then attached. It is always placed to the side of the buttons, and the body parts of the crocodile are clear. Men’s shirts even have side elevations, but the women’s do not.

3. Victoria’s Secret bathing suit

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The Victoria’s Secret bathing suits are always made with double cloth. They come in five different sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL but the fake ones only have S, M, and L. Tags are only pink, black, white, or transparent. All are manufactured in China or Sri Lanka.

4. Rolex Watch

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The Clockface is made with sapphire glass, and a drop of water on it stays a drop. The calendar box is slightly raised, and the glass has a tiny crown picture near the number six on the reverse side. The second hand runs smoothly without jumps, and there is never a tick-tock sound. The copies have a transparent back panel, but the original ones always have a metal cover with serial number and label.

5. Ray-Ban Glasses

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The left arm on your original Ray-Ban glasses will have a serial number that begins with RB, along with information about color, dimming level, lens diameter, and nose bridge size. On the right arm is the model name, a letter that marks the producing factory, and a label that marks European standards of safety. The left lens has Ray-Ban in writing, and you can not remove it. The right lens will have laser engraved RB, either on the inside or the outside

The glasses case is made of leather cloth, and the surface is uneven. The button has a Ray-Ban logo, and there is a stamp on the left side. The front of the case is rough, but the back is softer with black velour on the inside.

6. Converse Sneakers

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The sole is a minimum of 1.18 inches, and the back has the “ALL STAR” sign with a star in the middle of writing. The tongue tag has a sticker on the reverse side, not paper. It is raised to touch, and the upper part has two broad stitches. There is a six-character serial number on the tag as well.

7. Air Max Sports Shoes

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The shoes have an air module under a transparent plastic cover, but the fake ones only have the plastic. You can press the plastic to check the air, it will be hard to push in the original ones but returns to shape immediately. The tongue tag is attached thermally so there is no stitching and it has a 6 character code as the serial number, then there are three characters for the color code. The sole is made of gum that is slightly dimmed.

8. Christian Louboutin Shoes

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When you place the shoe on an uneven surface, the toes and the heels will be on the same level. The heels and the side parts are distinctively curved. The cloth on the main shoe and the heel are identical. The sole is always a bright red color that is clear and whole with no patch in the middle. There are stamps that show “Christian Louboutin,” “Made in Italy” and the size. The leather models sometimes have an additional “Vero Cuoio” writing, and the “Christian Louboutin” writing is imposed.

9. Apple Earpods and Earphones

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The original earphones and EarPods come in a plastic package with a blue tint while the fake ones will be slightly yellow. The product including the box weighs 1.8 oz. In the EarPods, there will be no sign of factory brazing and the hatch is made of metal, which is plastic in the fake ones. The copies sometimes do not even have the Left and Right symbols.

10. Samsung Phones

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Most of the new Samsung models come with AMOLED displays that are characterized by a bright black color. Fake Samsung phones have gray, blue, or brown color. If you enter the secret *#7353# code, it will lead you to a special application testing menu. Entering *#0*# provides help in testing the screen, speakers, and other functions. There is a table under the battery that has the model code, serial number, and the IMEI number. Entering *#06# will show the IMEI and the serial number on some of the models.

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