10 Best Yoga Mats

Fitness enthusiasts are always on the lookout not just for best yoga mats but yoga mats that will meet their various preferences, body size, and lifestyle. But the little problem is not about the yoga mat rather, in finding them and that is what will be made easy for you all in this list.

Additionally, the current lockdown situation puts yoga mats as of most needed items with more people embracing the freedom made free in yoga meditations. And you can trust it as one of the proven ways of escaping the depression, that this seemingly hopeless situation may usher in. 

So, if you are here uncertain of a yoga mat choice, here are the top picks of best yoga mats for your guide.

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 5mm Dry-Grip 

10 Best Yoga Mats

This black colored, 78-Inch x 26-inch x 5mm Thick XL lightweight, yet durable yoga is all about comfort even when you are burning fats. It comes with additional cushion to give you undisturbed yoga moments so that you can have discomfort-free meditations in the morning, and its sealed cell design is made to keep germs, odor, and bacteria away from the mat. With this form, you can make plans for hot yoga without dealing with a soiled mat, all thanks to its dry surface which whisk sweat away. If you often get irked when mats are moving with every move you make, then count yourself lucky for meeting Gaiam yoga mat, because it will give a firm grip with or without a sweat. So, if this catches your desire, you can go for it here.

 Balance From GoYoga All-Purpose

10 Best Yoga Mats


This yoga mat stands proudly as one of the yoga mats that offer people lots of possibilities in one piece. With promises of comfort from its 71″ long 24″ wide, super thick with soft cushions for a cozy yoga moment. It also comes with a 100% Balance form satisfaction together with its non-slip top, so you can count on it for maximum convenience. For care, the mat has been designed with moisture resistant technology that makes it easy for regular washing with mild soap. If you like to go on a picnic or would love to spend time alone in the garden, this is the mat to try, as it comes with a strap for easy carriage.  

Available here.

Jade Yoga – Harmony Yoga Mat

Here is another guarantee of comfort and sturdiness with credits to its rubber form designed to provide that soft firmness yoga mats are known to have. Versatility is also promised by this 3/16” thick premium quality yoga mat made to give great stability for standing poses and other yoga postures. Plus, it fits for every season and can be used for other purposes other than yoga activities and with its matchless traction giving fair grip, you can be sure of not having a moving mat even you sweat a lot. Coming with eco-friendliness in mind, the mat is made with adherence to U.S labor, environment, and laws and you can get yours here.

Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat; with unified Non-Slip Microfiber Towel

10 best yoga mats

One of the outstanding features about this mat is its completeness and thoughtfulness in the provision of a non-slip surface along with an extra-absorbent microfiber towel so you can wipe off the sweat as you perspire. This is one of the yoga mats that uses your sweat to give you more grip making sure the mat doesn’t move with every move you make. If you are looking out for a mat with impeccable durability and easy maintenance, then you can give this a try. This extra-wide mat allows for an easy wash any time you need to and you can get it here.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat – Premium

10 Best Yoga Mats

If you are not keen on hot yoga but nonetheless need a resilient yoga mat, here is your lucky mat with 6mm thickness and closed-surface super-absorbent form. Apart from its lifetime warranty, the mat has OEKO-TEX 100% STANDARD certification, so your fears about harmful bacteria have been taken care of. For maximum usage, the mat comes with 9. 5 lbs.; 85″ x 26″; 6 mm thickness and length and can be clean by a gentle wipe after every use. For storage, you can roll the mat into a fold and stand or lie it by a corner. 

Available here.

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print

For fitness and yoga optimists that have a thing for healthy choices, this non-toxic mat can be all yours with its non-slip surface and super grip, ensuring the mat stays in place while you work. With a mat that doesn’t move around, you can truly have a quiet and noiseless meditation without interferences. What’s more? its 68 inches L x 24 inches and W x 6-Millimeter-Thick is designed to accommodate different sizes and weights of people. 

Available here 

YogaAccessories 1/4″ Thick High

Superior density, non-slip texture, grittiness, and more are only a few words to describe this lightweight yoga mat designed to give users maximum comfort in every use. This tear-resistant 72″ long by 24″ wide thick mat is made free of latex, phthalates, and heavy metals, so you can trust it for all-round safeness. Just like others, this is one of the yoga mats that promises be there for you at all times, as it fits for several yoga activities and other purposes. More so, it is affordable and will serve you for long when you get in here.

Yogi Bare PAWS – EXTREME GRIP Yoga Mat 

Yoga mats that do not slip are amongst the top features of a good yoga mat but this one doesn’t only give a slip-less grip but is designed with a perforated surface to keep sweaty hands from slipping off the mat as well. From the line of eco-friendly quality rubber material with careful compliance with environmental rules of non-toxic materials that are recyclable. Though not long as other yoga mats, this 180 x 66cm. weight and 4MM thick yoga mat can be carefully wiped after each use to keep it free of odor and bacteria.

And it can be gotten here.

Manduka eKO Superlight Travel Yoga & Pilates Mat

10 Best Yoga Mats

For yogis who unavoidably find themselves to be globetrotters but will not love to miss their yoga practice, here is your portable, lightweight and easy-carry yoga mat. With this 99% latex-free yoga mat, you are free from the fears of hazardous plasticizers, ado dyes, and PVCs. From sustainable tree rubber comes this 1.5mm thick yoga mat with the desire of making sure you can slip it comfortably into your Gym bag and take with you to the gym or for a picnic. However, due to its little thickness, it may not suitable for some activities but you can get it here.

SKL Travel Yoga Mat 

10 Best Yoga Mats

Here is another with assurances of sturdiness, firmness, strong grip, versatility, and stability for your trips and outdoor yoga activities. The natural suede texture of this 71″L x 26″W x 1/16″ Thick. And the weight of 2.5 lbs non-toxic yoga mat is made from moisture regulated organic rubber material. So, with the eco-friendly recyclable mat, you can have yoga sessions with pride and pleasantness. Thanks to the moisture-repellent material, sweat cannot get absorbed into the mat but it’s lightweight permits machine wash whenever you feel like and this where to get it.

Getting satisfying yoga mats has been the bother of yogis and other fitness addicts but thankfully, that problem has been solved with this careful selection. And you finally free to get a trusted and recommended yoga mat and enjoy your yoga practice without interruptions. 


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