10 Best Work Gloves For Engineers And Professionals 2019

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Working gloves are required heavily in the manufacturing, chemical industry , steel works and the oil industry. Whether you are dealing with abrasive chemicals or lifting heavy stuff , working gloves are a must for protection. So much so that a lot of firms have it in their SOP’s that any hands-on field work could not be performed without working gloves. So check out this list of 10 best work gloves and let us know your favourite glove in the comments section below.

6 Pack Atlas Glove NT370 (20.31$)

6 Pack Atlas Glove NT370

These pack of gloves are of good quality as they are coated by Nitrile.  Light Weight and durable they offer protection even for jobs that require dexterity.
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Synthetic Leather Work Gloves by Galatia Gear(15$)

Synthetic Leather Work Gloves by Galatia Gear

These leather palm gloves offer superior grip. Reinforced at the knuckles, they protect from abrasive materials as well. Elastic Hook & Loop Fastener provides Form-Fitting Grip for additional Wrist Support as well.
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300 Pairs Red Latex Rubber Palm Coated Work Gloves

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Latex gloves are useful when handling liquids & these are no different.  The gloves are basically cotton, with coated on latex which makes them unique in providing comfort and protection.
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ATG 34-874/XL MaxiFlex Ultimate – Nylon(41.49$)

ATG 34-874/XL MaxiFlex Ultimate - Nylon

Micro-foam Nitrile coated gloves like these are ideal for work with light oils and abrasive liquids. The provide excellent dexterity and tactility as well.
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US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather(13$)

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather

Leather welding gloves locked and stitched for added strength. Top grain leather used to make these offers comfortability and protection.  These gloves are pretty much heat resistant as well.
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ATLAS Fit 370 Black Work Gloves(35$)

ATLAS Fit 370 Black Work Gloves

Light weight yet very tough gloves that provide protection against puncture as well. Nylon liner is used for added safety as well.
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Wells Lamont 1132L (14.49$)

Wells Lamont 1132L

Made from grain cowhide these gloves are made for heavy duty work. Also, a reinforced split cow-hide leather palm patch adds extra grip and enhances wear performance. These are very durable and you should consider buying if you work extensively in the industry.
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CAT CAT017415L (8.83$)

CAT CAT017415L

Caterpillar are a well-known brand. Made from polycotton these gloves provide good ventilation.  They provide exceptional grip so are ideal for use when lifting heavy objects.
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Mechanix Wear MPT-78-009 (23.45$)

Mechanix Wear MPT-78-009

Form-fitting TrekDry material helps keep hands cool and comfortable. To improve control and abrasion resistance, there is an added rubberized grip as well. Hook and loop closure secures the glove tightly.
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Custom Leathercraft 125M (12.44$)

Custom Leathercraft 125M

One of the most popular choices on amazon made from a combination of materials (Synthetic Leather 50%/Polyester 30%/Elastic Band 10%/PVC 10%/Foam 5%). Their durability is unparalleled and if you are an engineer/ technician we recommend that they should be your number 1 choice.
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