10 Best Wood Carving Set For Hobbyists And Professionals 2019

10 Best Wood Carving sets (7)

Wood carving is becoming a favourite pass time for many people. Though the skill is difficult to master, recently it has seen an increasing trend. So for all those designers and artists who are found of wood carving or thinking of taking it as a hobby, we have covered the list of 10 best wood carving sets that you can buy right now.

10.  StarSide New 12 Piece Woodworking Professional Chisel Set (28.99$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (3)

Made from carbon steel, this set has a total of 12 pieces and a net weight of 900g. It has everything from bent chisel to a V-partying tool making it an ideal choice for a wood carver.

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9. 22pcs  Sculpture Carving Tool Set (10.99$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (5)

Though originally this set was made for work on clay, it can be used on wood as well. The set has 22 pieces some of which are long lasting even with regular use.

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8. Xacto X5179 Carving Tool Set(19.75$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (10)

The set has Six forged steel carving tools with hardwood handles that are easy to grip. The set can be used for dimensional carving, deep relief cutting, groove cutting and initial shaping of wood along with linoleum.

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7. General Tools & Instruments 1293 5 Piece Carving Tool Set(39.97$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (1)

Five tools included in this set with round palm style handle are Bent Large Gouge 5/16″, Straight Small Goupe 5/32″, Bent V-Parting Tool 5/32, Straight Skew Chisel 5/16″ & Bent Square Chisel 5/16″. These tools are comparatively durable & thanks to their size, are quite versatile.

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6. Deluxe Wood Carvers Palm Tool and Knife Set-Flexcut(124.42$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (4)

One of the most expensive sets on our list. Nine piece set combines two most popular designs for wood carving and hence provide a broad range of possibilities for artists.

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5. Power Grip Carving Tools(38.38$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (2)

1.25″ steel blades have 4.5″ handles that make it easier for you to work for longer time uninterrupted. The Set contains a 3mm (1/8″) #9 gouge, 6mm (1/4″) #8 gouge, 7.5mm (5/16″) skew chisel, 7.5mm (5/16″) straight chisel, 4.5mm (3/16″) V-parting tool, 9mm (3/8″) #5 gouge and a 9mm (3/8″) #3 gouge.

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4. SE 7712WC Professional 12-Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set (19.25$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (8)

This set comes in its PVC pouch and has up to 12 pieces in it. Solid wooden handles make the tools easy to grip while various sizes and shape in the set make it easy for you work on multiple projects.

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3. Grizzly H2930 Carving Chisel Set(78.94$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (6)

High-class wood carving set that is available in a wooden hard case. Chrome-vanadium steel chisels retain their edge longer. Therefore, the tools are wear resistant. The tools also have wide bolsters that provide even pressure on the handles.

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2. Wood Carvers Basic Tool Set(6.87$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (9)

Six different blades with smooth round handles make this set great for beginners. Made from high-quality steel, the set offers plenty of variety to make carvings even for experienced artists.

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1. Craft Wood Carving Tools by ‘Generic'(49.43$)

10 Best Wood Carving sets (7)

35 piece tool set is the largest on our list and also the best. The set has 20 assorted blades and four assorted gouges while the rest are handles, planners and routers. A premium quality tool set that comes in a wooden box for easy storage and carry.

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