10 Best Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch

10 Best Wireless sockets (9)

Wireless remote control switches provide a great way to develop an alternative control for a plugged in device. Say the device you want to switch off is connected to a socket behind the bookshelf, so all you need to do is attach one of these wireless sockets and use their remote to switch the device on or off. To make your buying decision easy, we have compiled a list of 10 Best Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch.

10.  Flexzion Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch (15.99$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (1)

The rudimentary wireless remote control has a range of about 80ft. The three pin socket has LED lights to tell the user about the connectivity with switch and the main power.

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9. Foval Remote Control Outlet (19.95$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (3)

For just under 20$, you get three sockets controlled by a single remote control. ETL and FCC approved product has a range of nearly 100 feet, and the manufacturer claims that it can extend your product life by almost 15%.

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8. AVANTEK Remote Control Outlet Switches(25.99$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (4)

Utilizing Radio Frequencies at 433Mhz, this wireless socket provides stable connectivity. Having a range of 15 meters, the device offers a lot of versatility to the user and comes pre-programmed for immediate use.

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7. Magicfly Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Light Switch(29.99$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (5)

A great value for money purchase as you get five sockets in a single deal. All the devices have a 100ft range and even come with extra batteries.

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6. GE 18279 Wireless Wall Switch(5.95$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (10)

GE is a premium supplier of consumer electronics products, and this wireless socket is yet another example of their sustained quality. The switch has easy installation and like most high-end products have a range of over 100 feet. The device comes with its own 12V A23 battery.

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5. JTD ® 1 Pack Energy Saving Auto-programmable Wireless Remote Control(11.49$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (8)

This device has the most range out of all the devices on our list as connect as far as 200ft.  The remote control is easy to use and comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

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4.  Instapark ORC Series Indoor Wireless Electrical Outlet On/Off Switch Remote Control Kit (25.99$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (9)

A complete kit for your entire home. A single remote control can pair up with five difference wireless sockets. The device has a high-quality standard as shown by CE, ETL, & FCC certifications.

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3. Westek RFK100LC/RFK101LC(13.95$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (2)

A simple yet very reliable wireless switch. The socket can withstand 240 Watt-Tungsten load and communicates using 500Mhz RF Transceiver. A good purchase for indoor use.

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2. Woods 13569 Indoor Plug-In Wireless Remote Control (16.72$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (7)

For under 17$, you get three power outlets and a single remote. Woods product runs on 12V battery and can withstand 1000 watt load making them one of the most durable wireless sockets in the market. Additionally, the small portable remote comes with its own keychain.

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1. Etekcity Wireless Remote Control (29.98$)

10 Best Wireless sockets (6)

The most popular wireless sockets in the market today as they have over 2700 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon. You can control up to five devices with a single remote under the range of 200 feet. The sockets provide a maximum output of 1200W and are clearly the best wireless switches.

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