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10 Best Wireless Charging Pads For Your Smartphone

Wireless charging is a relatively new invention. It utilizes the principle of magnetic resonance or inductive power transfer (IPT) – the process whereby electricity is transferred between two objects through coils. There are various solutions by many manufacturers, but some are native to their brands only(like Samsung). Here in this list, we have covered some of the best wireless chargers that work on every phone

10. Fonesalesman QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank ($60)

A round shaped wireless charging power bank. The power bank itself can be charged wirelessly though it supports a USB port that can in turn also be used to charge two devices simultaneously.

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9. Yootech Wireless Charging Pad ($13)

One of the most cheaper options in the market but you would not get the wall charger out of the box. Weighing at just 22.6g, this might be the most portable charging pad as well.

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8. Ikea Nordmarke Wireless Charging Pad ($65)

A smart charging pad that can support the entire family. The device has stations on top of and an additional USB port in the base. Out of the box, you get a USB cable and a bulky AC adapter.

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7. ChoeTech Stadium Qi Wireless Charger ($26)

A stylish looking yet simple wireless charging pad. A blue LED indicates when the charging has begun.

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6. Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate ($35)

Available in a range of vibrant colors and is capable of charging any phone with wireless charging enabled. The DT-903, in particular, has some neat features, like NFC pairing and Bluetooth support, so it can give off a glow to warn you when your phone battery is low, or there’s an incoming notification.

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5. Incipio Ghost 220 ($80)

This device is capable of charging three cell phones at a time. It comes with a 2.4A USB Incipio has a range of wireless charger devices, and some are well below 30$ as well.

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4. Tylt VÜ Solo ($29)

A sleek square charging pad. There is a single green LED that lights up when you align your phone correctly. It has micro suction pads at the bottom that stop it from sliding on the table top.

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3. Patriot Memory FUEL iON(56.99$)

Now this wireless charging pad acts differently; in fact it would not work alone, you have to buy their case with it. Though it is a little annoying they have not followed the tradition technique but their charging is far quicker, and there is no fiddling around with the position.

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2. RAVPower RP-WCN11 charging pad + with external battery ($45)

RAV power has a large stream of mobile accessories especially portable power banks. The exterior is made from soft matte plastic in white or black while there is a silicone pad on top shaped in the form of a power symbol. There’s also a slightly confusing line-up of six LEDs. The first goes green when wireless charging is working; the next four give you an indication of remaining power, and the final red LED tells you if it’s on.

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1. Duracell PowerMat ($50) + PowerCase ($12)

The power enables you to charge two devices at a time. If you have Duracell’s power case then it allows the phone to be magnetically aligned automatically but it still trickier than it should be. Having said that this is a quality product from Duracell.

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