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10 Best Wiper Blades For Ford F150

With an excellent towing and hauling ability, user-friendly technology and an array of powerful engine options, Ford F150 is the in thing for truck lovers. It occupies the top crate in the full-size pickup truck category, and has been fitted with lots of driver’s assist features that users are dying to get their hands on; more recently is the 10-speed automatic transmission standard with all engines among others.

Selecting a wiper blade for vehicles can be an uphill of a task especially when quality is the primary concern. But for a high rating truck finding the right wiper isn’t a task at all if one knows where to shop for it. Here is a collection of the best one can find out there that are made from excellent natural rubbers and capable of withstanding extreme weather changes


This windscreen wiper is designed with a J-hook arm fitment with a cover that is perfectly designed to eliminate the buildup of dirt and debris around the blade. Another notable design is the bracketless beam which is responsible for its praiseworthy performance in rain and snow; those living in the snow belts may consider adding this to their cart. 

Another interesting thing about this product is the safety and durability profile – it greatly supersedes the OEM prescription. With a temperature tolerance range of about +158F to -40F and a wiping durability strength as high a million, Motium offers a smooth, quiet, clean and smear-free wiping.

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Everyone that is particular about the quality of their wiper blade looks out for a J-Hook fitment, while here is the best version. Made from an AAA grade natural rubber that doesn’t giveaway in cold or hot weather or crack with exposure to salt or wiping fluid.  Again, the galvanized steel frame keeps it all shiny while keeping it away from rust and corrosion.

What’s more, this Otuayauto product conforms to OEM quality specs and is perfectly suited other range of Ford beyond F150. It’s quite easy to install, and with a silent and smooth wiping, it keeps you completely focused on driving while it takes care of your windscreen.

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3. Rain-X 880005 Fusion Wiper Blade 

Leveraging on a 40years worth of experience in automobile parts, Rain-X Fusion wiper blade like other Rain-X products is well known for profound visibility in whatever weather condition you can think of. Made of aerodynamic sturdy designs for good stability, a synthetic rubber squeegee for a spotless wipe, a J-hook adaptor, and a windshield contact that promotes smooth and streak-free wipes as well. Just all you need for the perfect groove in your F150.

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4. AERO 22″ + 22″ 

This all-season beam windscreen wiper blade is a premium specs Amazon’s bestseller; the very best aero the industry has got in recent times. With the aerodynamic design and a Teflon coating, users should expect a smooth and chatter-free wipe with little or no noise, drag or wind lift.

More so, with the micro-precision-cut wiping edge and customized plastic flex element, users are assured of better resistance to heat as well as extreme weather fluctuations. And with the dual-tension spring strips, there’s very little noise and shock. This is simply the best for a little fraction of the cost. 

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5. ASLAM Type-G 22″+22″ Wiper Blades

It’s simply perfect for every weather or season. A G –type blade that fits the U/J hook upper arm, galvanized single steel sheet for a precise windshield contact, a zinc alloy pedestal for optimal stability and keeps the blades from pulling off even at high speed.  With the graphite treated natural rubber, one should expect this product to deliver with minimal noise and a more prolonged lifespan.

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6. ABLEWIPE Windshield Hybrid Wiper 20″

A J/U hook wiper model that is well suited for every weather condition and has excellent resistance against corrosion, wear and extreme temperature spikes (largely due to the fitted PDT material at the back). Another unique quality of this ABLEWIPE windshield is the hybrid design which assures good visibility even in thick fogs and mists. The J-hook technology guarantees noiseless fitment and it’s expected to keep serving for longer since its made of natural rubber and PDT.

Available here

7. Beam Force XTREME 22”+22” Wiper Blades

The product of choice when crystal visibility and safety is the goal. With 30 years of experience in sourcing automobile parts, Beam Force has put together the best for your protection. There is the Japanese ‘FUKOKU’ rubber (usually for aircraft, trains, and ships), the J-hook connections, and the perfect tension spring for even distribution of pressure and a smooth and noiseless wipe. 

Available here

8. Bosch MicroEdge 40722A Wiper Blade

When it comes to wiper blades, Bosch indeed does know their onion. Designed with an enclosed metal tension spring, a well-cut natural rubber edge, an aerodynamic all-steel frame, and a zinc dichromate primer among other distinction features, this MicroEdge wiper blade offers a noiseless round the clock performance. Check it out here for more.

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9. PIAA 95050

Silicone materials are gradually penetrating every product market. This super silicone wiper blade offers users the promise of more for much less. With the patented silicone rubber, there’s more improved protection from wear as well as any probable damage from the sun and extreme weather changes. In addition, this high-quality silicone also makes the wiper water-repellant, which comes in handy in rainy seasons. And with the aerodynamically designed and zinc-coated frames, one can be more certain of speedy and excellent performance.

Available here

10.Bosch ICON 20B Wiper blade

A dual rubber wiper blade notable for its excellent resistance adverse weather conditions including those associated with ozone depletion. This Amazon’s bestseller is designed to withstand high speed and also has shielded connectors that ensure good visibilities even in unfavorable weather changes. This Bosch bracketless wiper blade has proven to as high as 40% longer performance when compared to most others. And with the tension spring that follows bracketless designs, one should expect the same supreme wiping at all times irrespective of the weather.

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In as much as you are all for the best car models and getting lost in the cruise that comes with it, safety features like the wiper blades are just as important. Take time to select the best quality that will guarantee good visibility in spite of the storm. But always bear in mind that the best is not necessarily the most expensive.