10 Best Control Arms For Ford F150

The Ford F150 is a powerful truck, and for it to glide through the roughest of terrains, all working and moving parts must be in top shape. The control arms consist of the upper and lower arm that work together to control the wheels from the steering. 

The control arm has other parts attached to it like the stabilizer, the chassis, the shock absorber, suspension, and others that enable the car to remain stable when driving. So, when your stability is compromised, or you keep hearing cranking noises, you need to change your control arm and enjoy the car.

The following are some control arm for the Ford F150, just in case you need to replace yours.

Autosaver88 Full Set Front Upper Control Arm

Best Control Arms for Ford F150

Durable, reliable, and well-design control arm for the Ford F150 1997 -1999 model, this kit comes complete with everything you need to stop vibrations, instability, and improper steering of the car. The arms are made of forged steel with a polished surface treated for corrosion and rust. The Autosaver88, when fixed, will help you manage the movement in the joints, and reduce cranky, squeaky noises in the wheels.

Available here

F150 2006 – 2008 Front Upper Control Arm with Ball Joint

Best Control Arms for Ford F150

Do you have difficulty moving the wheels up and down or side to side? Your connection of the control arm to the suspension and wheel is stiff. Made with premium-grade steel tubing, this flexible but sturdy control arm has a reliable bracket mount that helps align the wheel for a stable and straight forward drive. The package consists of 2 upper and lower arms with ball joints and the outer tie rods. If your Ford is 2006 – 2008 models, this will fit perfectly with no need for adjustments.

Available here

Detroit Axle Front Upper Control Arms with Ball Joint

This product comes only with the upper control arm for the driver and passenger sides of the car. It also doesn’t attach any other mechanical parts to the arms, hence if your F150 needs more than the control arm, you will have to get them yourself. However, this arm is compatible with all Ford F150 models of 2004 to 2008 and the Lincoln Mark LT. made to meet OE standard quality; it comes with a ten-year warranty to meet the demands of the rugged terrains driven by Ford vehicles.

Available here

Titaniarm Front Left and Right Upper Control Arms and Ball Joint Kit

This is a spectacular product by Titaniarm; it is a well-built control arm and comes complete with the bushings and balls joint for the driver and passenger side of the F150. It is made with durable, reliable metal, tried and tested to survive the rigorous journey of the Ford 150 in any weather conditions and terrains. It is compatible with the F150 model for the year 2007 to 2014 and most Lincoln Navigator trucks. Overall, it is a very powerful, durable, and reliable piece for the F150.

Available here

F150 MOOG CK80306 Control Arm and Ball Joint

If everything around the control arm is okay, but the control arm is bad, this singular control arm is the ideal replacement for the F150. Forged with high-grade metal and aluminum construction, its flexibility and durability make it the perfect upper and lower arm for your truck. 

This greaseable socket reduces wear and tear but also allows easy movement of the wheels up and down without any hindrance. All part of this product is made to OEM standard and fits in place just like the original.

Available here

KSP Performance Upper Control Arm Suspension Kit for Ford F150

One of the best replacements when swapping the original control arm that comes with the F150, this durable and sturdy build has large tubular control arms that enhance stability and flexibility between other parts of the arm for better riding. It is the perfect fit for all Ford F150 models from 2004 to 2020. Now you can lift your truck into any elevation without cranky noises, difficulty steering, or unnecessary vibrations. This control arm can be replaced in your truck without changing the shock absorbers.

Available here

TUCAREST K80806 Front Left Upper Control Arm with Ball joint F150

With over 30 years in the automobile parts industry, TUCAREST is known for making quality, top-notch control arm at an affordable price. Their line of control arms and ball joints are made with the best material including durable steel tubing and a reliable easy to install mount bracket that adds flexibility, strength, and smoothness to your driving. All products by this manufacturer are OEM standard, tried and tested for all terrain and weather conditions. It is only fitting for the Ford Expedition F150 4W and RWD models.

Available here

123253 High Performance Upper Control Arm for Ford F-150

Although the perfect fitment for F150 2004 to 2020 models, this extremely durable and reliable tubular steel control arm is not for the Ford Raptor. If you are tired of the cranky and annoying noises that your F150 truck is making, this is the perfect control arm to combat all the issues you are having. The steel strength construction and ball joint offer flawless articulation and movement on the road without any problem. Now you can enjoy a quiet, smooth ride in any weather and terrain when you upgrade to this 123253 BDS suspension control arm.

Available here

RK620188 MOOG Chassis Control Arm

Increase the strength and stability of your f150 by upgrading to the MOOG control arm. This easy to install arm will, automatically, improve your steering alignment giving you total control of your truck on any terrain. Made with cutting-edge engineering and optimized to withstand wear and tear, corrosion, and rust, this ready to fit in control arm offers a lifetime warranty, and support to all components of a control arm.

Available here

ADIGARAUTO K8726 K8728 F150 Front Upper Control Arm with Ball Joint 

Affordable, excellent engineering, strength, support, and stability is what the Adigarauto control arm provides to the driver. This arm is not compatible with all Ford trucks, but is the perfect fitment for the F150 Ford Expedition 1997 – 2002, the Ford F150 pickup 1997 – 2003, and the Ford F150 Heritage 2004 models.

Durable, reliable steel tubular with silent brushing, the Adigarauto will improve your driving on any terrain, and weather giving you excellent steering control and alignment.

Available here

The control arm enables you to stay on track and ease the steering ability. If your Ford F150 is not aligned or waiver on the road, especially at high speeds, check your control arm now.

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