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10 Best Weight Plates For Home Gym

Setting up a home gym is one thing most people love to do as it gives them the opportunity to carry on with their fitness program without any difficulty. However, setting up a home gym without a weight plate is incomplete especially if you are into resistance training. The weight plates are part of the important things your home gym needs because they help you develop muscles and power when it is attached to a barbell or sled. But the major challenge most people face is choosing the best weight plate for their home gym because while there are lots of affordable or expensive weight plates in the market, there is also a lot of garbage. Therefore, below is a compilation of some of the very best weight plates for your home. 

XMark Signature weight plate 

The XMark signature is a sophisticated weight plate that completes your home gym. It weighs 140lb and is perfect for building muscles. It is made from rubber but it is very tough and durable. It comes with a one year warranty in case of any defects during the one year period. The XMark brand is one that is very common and known for its effectiveness. Available here

Topeakmart weight plates 

The Tooeakmart weight plate is the ideal weight plate that will help build your body muscles and bring out the masculinity in you. It comes in different sizes which enables you to adjust the weight plate to suit you. It is covered with rubber so even if you drop it on the floor the rubber will protect it from damaging your floor. It is thick, high quality, and durable. It is perfect for your home gym and gives you comfort. Available here 

Yaheetech adjustable weight plate 

The yaheteçh adjustable weight plate is made from concrete and chrome and it is of high quality. It comes in different sizes so you can always adjust the weight plates to suit you. It also comes with a non-slip grip that ensures your hold on the weight plate is firm. Hence, if you want to build both your upper and lower body from the comfort of your home, this weight plate is perfect for you. Available here 

CAP barbell standard cast iron weight plate 

The CAP barbell weight plate happens to be one of the best weight plates you can have at home. It is made of cast iron which makes it very solid and it is coated with a gray color which also makes it durable and rust-free. It also comes in different sizes that are easy to identify and this weight plate helps build your strength while training and also makes you flexible. Available here 

Lofami dumbbell weight plate 

The Lofami dumbbell weight plate is one that is made of cement and can be used by both males and females. The weight plate is made of cement and lasts for a long time, it also comes in various sizes so you can choose the size you’re comfortable with. It is very comfortable while using it and it helps build your body very fast. Available here 

Hulkfit color-coded weight plates 

The hulkfit weight plate is one that is made out of dense rubber that ensures it drops safely on your platform without ruining it. It comes in different colors and sizes so it is quite easy to identify your weight plates, it also comes with stainless steel inside that makes it solid and well balanced.  It is also weighed by pounds and kilograms so you can choose which size will be perfect for you. It is perfect for your home gym and bodybuilding. Available here 

Papababe weight plate


The papababe weight plate is perfect for your home gym. It is made from durable rubber ensures that you can drop your weight plate from shoulder level or above while weightlifting and neither your weight plate or the platform will be damaged. It comes with a two years warranty because the manufacturers are confident that it won’t give you any problems. The weight plates are noiseless and because of the rubber, your weight plates bounce lightly. Available here 

Steelbody rubber weight plate 

With this steelbody, you are sure to lift your way to that perfect muscular body you’ve always longed for and from the comfort of your home. It comes with a center stainless steel that makes it last longer, it’s exterior is made from rubber which ensures your safety and protection during your weightlifting session. It is well built and can be used for intense strength training from your home gym. Available here 

Power systems weight plates 

Looking for a powerful and highly effective weight training plate that can be used from the comfort of your home? Then the power system weight plate is perfect for you. It is highly effective for an intense training session and it comes in seven different weight options for you. Its center is made from iron steel that ensures it lasts longer without any crack and it’s rubber body ensures your safety. Available here

Active bumper Weight plate 

With this colorful weight plates, you can be sure your home gym will be just as colorful and stylish as you want. Not only is it colorful, but it is also made from food-grade silicone that protects it from water or stains. It is easy to clean and comes in four different colors and sizes. It makes weightlifting all the more exciting because of its color. The best part is, it is quite affordable and gives you the result you desire. Available here 

Your home gym can never be complete without weight plates. Weight plates are not only for weight lifters, but there are also so many other things one can do with a weight plate from the comfort of your home. If you decide to search for weight plates to buy, the options you will get in the market will overwhelm you and you might get confused. But using the list above, you will get the perfect weight plate for your home gym. So if you want to build your upper and lower body, build your dream muscular body, build strength, weightlifting is perfect for you. Some of these weight plates are affordable and some are on the high side but they are worth the price.