10 Best Waveform And Function Generators

10 Best Function generators (3)

Function generators are an integral part of most work that electrical engineers/ technicians do throughout their careers. Some of the best function generators will have high range and yet fine resolution giving the user ultimate control in selecting the desired frequency. We have covered some of the top function generators available in the market today based on a number of channels, types of waveform, range and cost.

10. SainSmart FG-100(35.99$)

10 Best Function generators (10)

An affordable function generator for all those hobbyists out there. It has a range of 1Hz to 500kHz. You can generate a maximum of 10Vpp output waveforms over three different types; sine, square and triangle.

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9. Hantek DSO4072C(299.82$)

10 Best Function generators (2)

An Oscilloscope with a combined function generator. You can output waves up to 25Mhz of three types; sine, triangular and square.

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8. Xminilab Portable Oscilloscope and Function Generator(140$)

10 Best Function generators (5)

Portable Oscilloscope and Function generators weigh 14.4 ounces and is great for students. Though it has its limitations, it can still generate Sine and square waveforms up to 50Khz.

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7. 5MHz Arbitrary Waveform Dual Channel DDS (97$)

10 Best Function generators (9)

The function generator can generate waveforms at 5Mhz frequency and has multiple types such as sine, square, triangle, pulse & TTL wave.You would have the resolution of up to 10uHz making this one of the most precise devices available on the market today.

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6. GW Instek SFG-1000 (190$)

10 Best Function generators (3)

FPGA chip design has a frequency range of 3Mhz while it can output sine, triangular and square waveforms. The device measures 251mm width by 91mm height by 291mm depth.

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5. DROK®  MHS2300A (175$)

10 Best Function generators (7)

This function generator has a coloured LCD screen for easy navigation. Two symmetrical channels can be synchronized to work, and a phase difference can be applied to them. You can generate a waveform from 0 to 5MHz with resolution as low as 10kHz.

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4. Jinwen 24MHz Dual-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator(79.99$)

10 Best Function generators (1)

You can generate a signal with an amplitude of 20Vpp in all three forms. The maximum frequency of the waveform can be set as 24MHz. You can also change the scan steps to get precise results as well.

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3. ATTEN ATF20B Function Generator(269$)

10 Best Function generators (6)

High-quality function generator that you can use to generate waves of the frequency of 40mHz~20MHz. Whats great about this generator is that you can create up to 32 different types of signals.

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2. Siglent SDG1025(359$)

10 Best Function generators (4)

As an Oscilloscope cum waveform generator, this device has the sampling rate of 125MSa/s. You can output a waveform at 25Mhz, and you have the possibility of getting 45 kinds of different signals.

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1. Rigol DG1022(379$)

10 Best Function generators (8)

The best function generator available in the market today. It has two analog channel outputs with a maximum frequency of 20MhZ each. It supports multiple modulation functions as well including AM, FM, PM and FSK. So by our stats, this is the best function generator that you can buy.

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