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People and places especially at risk of cross contamination like food -processing workstations and medical offices employ washable keyboards to reduce the spread of disease while protecting industrial computing hardware and a waterproof keyboards to reduce the cost and time. Anyone who has the habit of eating with the laptop(in case you spill food) can also utilise it’s waterproof properties. These units are designed with extreme care and are minimalistically engineered to provide you with a high-quality product.
So planning to buy a waterproof keyboard? Here are the 10 best waterproof keyboards that you can buy right now.

DS International Waterproof Keyboards ($59.00)

DS International Waterproof Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is a mini sized, waterproof silicone keyboard with a touchpad. The unit’s rubberised layer provides comfortable use of typing. It has 104 keys + 12 function keys and measures 8.66 x 4.3x 0.35. Ideal for industrial applications where water, dust, debris can damage a regular keyboard. 

Available here.

Xsoul Waterproof Keyboards ($56.99)

Xsoul Waterproof Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is a gaming keyboard boasting a double colour keypad injection. It has an ample palm rest and backlight and is specially made for working in the dark. You can also play with the intensity of light. This keyboard can be washed directly under water. Do not fear the coke!

“I didn’t think you could get a decent mechanical keyboard for $50 I was wrong. The overall design is perfect the keyboard being mostly aluminium feels very durable, and the keys are nice and clicky almost like Cherry keys. The value of this keyboard has blown me away the lighting of the keys was a nice touch. I may try some more of their other products.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Edota Waterproof Keyboards ($23.99)

Edota Waterproof Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is also a gaming keyboard by E-dota made waterproof. It features 104 standard keys; special seven colours LED backlights, floating button designs. You can easily access media keys for convenient volume control and media playback. The caps are made from high strengthened ABS plastic which can effectively resist violence and beat frequency of high-intensity gamers. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

“Just like the picture displays the keyboard, the keyboard is excellent and cracked-looking. I’m a fan of this style and am easily attracted by it. I’ve only actually used only one colour, red because it looks like magma.

The keyboard is made of plastic with a matte finish with also clear plastic areas to display the backlighting. The bottom has the same material choices with two plastic stands and also two rubber stands to hold the keyboard adequately in place.

Typing on this keyboard can simply be described as better than a standard, flat membrane keyboard but not as good as a mechanical keyboard. I knew right out of the box that this keyboard was going to be a membrane keyboard, but that does not say it’s bad. Unlike mechanical keyboards, this keyboard is quiet. This keyboard is flatter than a mechanical keyboard, but it’s not as flat as a regular membrane keyboard.

I’d say that this keyboard is mostly for competitive, casual gamers. It’s a great start-up product, unlike keyboards that don’t come with additional accessories that cost a lot more. If you’re buying this for your kid, trust me to the fact that he won’t have any complaints.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Rocksoul Waterproof Keyboards ($13.98)

Rocksoul Waterproof Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This unit by RockSoul is a flexible and slim, dust and water-proof keyboard made from silicone. It is compatible with IBMAT, Windows 98,2000, up, Vista, Windows 7,8,8.1, Windows 10, Mac OsX Yosemite. The keyboard is completely sealed preventing germs from entering anywhere inside the keyboard. Ideal for medical facilities since the keyboard surface can be washed and disinfected at any time to avoid the spread of infectious disease. Excellent for travelling as well. 

“If you’re in the market for a grab and go keyboard then look no further. Rocksoul came through with the quality here.

I love the fact that it can be rolled tighter than some of the other flexible keyboards on the market. I use this for my raspberry pi mobile computer and also in my truck for the onboard computer.

The keys respond to even a light touch, but the full-size layout will satisfy even the fastest types. Another great advantage to this model is that the keys do not have to be pressed in the entire centre. Other brands I’ve used would cause missed keystrokes if you just tipped the edge of a key and didn’t depress it fully in the middle of the pad. This is not the case here.

Overall I recommend this product if you are in search of a great travel keyboard or just like to quickly clear your desk when not computing.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

E-More Waterproof Keyboards ($25.99)

E-More Waterproof Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is E-more’s portable and ultra-thin, keyboard made water and dust proof. It has an incredibly compact design, ideal for business and travel. The 2.4GHz wireless transmission can support wireless connection within 10 meters. It comes with a nano USB dongle that can be plugged right away for the use of the keyboard as well as mouse. The mouse tracking speed is 30inches/seconds and is powered by 2AA batteries. 

  • Keyboard dimension: 28.5 x 13.9 x 2.4cm
  • Mouse dimension: 10.4 x 6.1 x 2.9cm

“Nice little keyboard and mouse. I bought this for a manufacturing setting. Dustproof and waterproof means easy to clean and, at a price, if it gets broken, it’s inexpensive to replace. If it lasts in a factory, it will last forever in a home.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Gmyle Waterproof Keyboards ($17.98)

Gmyle Waterproof Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is Gmyle’s water-proof and washable, full-size USB keyboard. It has a floating key design and with an incredibly refreshing typing experience. Washable keyboard prolongs the life expectancy of your keyboard in a dirt-free way. Plug and play. No drivers needed. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. 

“The keys on this keyboard are very clicky and feels just like a regular keyboard; they have a nice responsiveness. I completely tested all the keys and they all worked. I then ran it under water for a minute, plugged it back in, and everything still worked! Jubilant. So tired of how filthy regular keyboards can get. I was also surprised that it comes with a 2-year warranty. That wasn’t listed anywhere on the product page.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Sungwoo Waterproof Keyboards ($13.98)

Sungwoo Waterproof Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is Sungwoo’s foldable, silicone, USB wired keyboard. The unit is made water and dust proof and is incredibly portable since it can be rolled up like a cashmere sweater. The silicone gel utilised is nontoxic as well as odourless. It is a full standard size keyboard measuring 17.5” length and 5.5” width. Keys are sensitive and not cramped for avoiding typing errors.

“I like this keyboard. It’s perfect for travel because it can be rolled up and it takes up no room. As for the functionality, it surprisingly works very well. Each key is very responsive and easy to press. I also love the fact that it’s a full keyboard, so it has the number pad on the right side. It’s also super easy to use, as there is no set up necessary. All you have to do is plug and play. Overall, this is a very high-quality keyboard. It’s obviously not ideal for everyday use, but I think it’s perfect for travel. To anyone out there looking for a portable keyboard, BUY THIS ONE!” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Memteq Keyboards ($27.99)

Memteq Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is Memteq’s water-proof, oversized keyboard with an ergonomic design. It is made splash proof and has several small venting holes at the back to drain the fluids. The premium quality ABS caps reduce chemical erosion and enhance wear resistance ensuring long-term usability. It has an integrated 5-feet high-strength braided fibre cable and a total of 112 keys, seven colours LED backlights and eight grades adjustable lighting brightness. You can easily locate keys in the dark, and it automatically goes in standby and sleep mode with no-operation for 3 minutes and wakes up by any key. Ideal for gaming. 

Available here.

Obecome Keyboards ($12.99)

Obecome Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is Obecome’s USB 2.0 keyboard with an ultra-slim, lightweight and incredibly portable design. It is made waterproof and can easily be cleaned with soap and water. The soft silicone allows for silent typing. The keyboard is also dirt and dustproof, making it ideal for travel and many work environments. Compatible with laptops and notebooks. 

“This keyboard is fantastic for its portability. It ships in a plastic cylinder which can be used for storage and travel. It rolls up easily and doesn’t stay curled at all, which is nice. The keys have a nice press to them, but they don’t click like a regular keyboard. You can still feel the keys press, though, so you know when you’re typing. Because of the soft, flexible nature of the board itself, it works best on a hard surface, but it’s still usable draped across a lap if a table is not available. It even features a full number pad and arrow keys, unlike many portable keyboards. I bought it to make my Raspberry Pi portable, and am euphoric with the performance and portability.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Logitech Keyboards ($78.90)

Logitech Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

This is a washable, ultra-durable keyboard by Logitech, incredibly comfortable for typing. It has 12 shortcut hotkeys which can instantly access email, launch a web search or pause music with one touch. Easy to clean, from a light dusting to a soak with dish washing liquid and is submersible in up to 30 cm (11 inches) of water. The drainage holes allow for quick drying. Ultra-durable laser printed/UV coated keys are built to take years of washing, and it has a scratch-resistant surface with strong, adjustable tilt legs. Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

“I’m a programmer for a living, and more than that I often do contract work moving from company to company, computer to computer, and of course keyboard to keyboard, so I have used a LOT of keyboards. Additionally, I type 100+ words a minute. I never paid much attention to the keyboards I used, other than hating the curved ones and not liking laptop keyboards, but I can manage them.

I recently bought a new computer and decided to get a new keyboard while I was at it, just so everything was shiny. 🙂 I saw this one was washable and picking a keyboard at random, thought washable was a novelty feature and what the heck; give it a try. From the moment I started typing on it, I knew I would not be trying another keyboard style for a long time.

I’m not sure what it is about this keyboard.. maybe it’s “soft”, or the keys just work with my typing style. I don’t know how to articulate it. I rarely write reviews unless I LOVE a product or HATE a product.. in this case, it’s all LOVE. This keyboard might not be for everyone, but I would recommend giving it a shot. Other folks seem to like it based on the other reviews, and so chances are you will too.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

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