10 Best Water Speakers That You Should Get

Best Water Speakers (11)

Water speakers are a great spectacle with music. It’s not only that they look pleasing, they sound great too. The sound quality is exquisite, so we have decided to make a list of the 10 best water speakers we can find.

10. Airmate ® Best Bluetooth Speakers,Portable Water Dancing(52.98$)

Best Water Speakers (10)

These Water speakers come with multifunctional LED lamp. You can plug it into your ipod/pc or connect via Bluetooth. The can be charged from your computer via USB as well.
You can get one here

9. Water Fountain Speakers by Olym Store(22.74$)

Best Water Speakers (8)

9″ tall speakers are a treat to watch. The can be connected via 3.5mm audio cable or USB but on the downside, lack Bluetooth connectivity.
You can get one here

8. Supersonic BT Water Dancing Speaker(30$)

Best Water Speakers (9)

They have the most unique design on our list. The manufacturer has abandoned the traditional box shape and gone for a more conical look, you can draw similarities to a lava lamp.
You can get one here

7. Atake Music Fountain(50$)

Best Water Speakers (3)

Black Acrylic covering give them an elegant look. The liquid used is actually plant oil which is non-conducting and safer than water. They lack a little in voice quality and or rather it diminishes over time, but they are a treat to have as long as they work. Atake inherently competes with SoundSoul but I think the later firm has a number over the former in terms of water speakers. You can get one here

6. ECVISION Plug And Play(21$)

Best Water Speakers (11)

There are 4 multicoloured LED’s which create a great show. These speakers lack Bluetooth connectivity as well but make up for it with their really good sound quality. You can get one here

5. LED Concepts Illuminated Dancing Water Speakers(15$)

Best Water Speakers (4)

One of the popular choices on amazon.com, These speakers are certainly a bargain at 15$. But be warned they are Chinese manufactured, which means inconsistent quality. You can get one here

4. Soundsoul Music Fountain Mini (17$)

Best Water Speakers (1)

SoundSoul are a premium brand in water speakers. This mini design in very portable at 1.2 pounds, and connects easily to smartphones. This model also comes with a Bluetooth version. You can get one here

3. Dreamall® 2014 Dancing Water Fountain USB Speaker(21$)

Best Water Speakers (7)

Another reliable manufacturer along with Soundsoul. The sound quality on these speakers is very pleasing and have high reliability. Like many other they too can be connected only via USB or 3.5mm audio cable. Their glow in the dark feature makes them a must have for parties to impress your friends. You can get one here

2. AGS Third Generation Music Fountain Water Dancing Speakers(20$)

Best Water Speakers (5)

Has 6 LEDs that periodically dance to the music that you play. Amazon.com is offering them at a discount from 80$ to 20$,that’s nearly a 75% discount. The manufacturer provides them in multiple colors too, other third party variants may include bluetooth connectivity. You can get one here

1. Soundsoul 4th generation Fountain Speakers(36$)

Best Water Speakers (6)

The most popular choice on the web. These speakers have reliability, sound quality and an affordable price. They are certainly the complete package.  The speaker power and fountain have self-select on/off functions which can save power.  Overall the receive the highest rating for available water speakers. You can get one here

*Honorable Mention :50,000 $ worth  “Niagara” Diamond Glass Floor Standing Loudspeakers

Best Water Speakers (2)

YES! you read it right. They are worth 50,000 $ that too after a 7% discount. These speakers are all about quality. A new generation of Neodymium Magnet Tweeters are used to generate treble frequency, delivering a very smooth and delicate sound. It is made from 15mm High-Density Diamond Glass, which eliminate unnecessary vibrations from the structure of the loudspeaker, therefore providing perfect sound quality.  Do you have money to spend like Floyd Mayweather Jr ? Then go ahead and buy them, if not then consider the previous 10 options.
You can get one here

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