10 Best Water Level Sensor For Your Project

10 Best Water Level Sensors (4)

Liquid/Water Level Sensor is used in the Industry to better regulate quantities of chemicals in large containers. In domestic applications, most of these sensors are used as switches and instead of giving liquid levels continuously, they usually turn on or off at discrete instances. We have covered some of the best liquid water level sensors you can buy for your home. So have a read and tell us what you think about the best water level sensors in the comments section.

uxcell 5 Pieces ZP4510 (10.97$)

uxcell 5 Pieces ZP4510

This sensor is available in packs of 5 and has a max contact rating of 10W. It has a max switching current of 1.5A with a voltage of 220V.

Available Here

Aquarium Tank Stainless Steel Horizontal Float Switch Water Level Sensor by Amico (11.16$)

Aquarium Tank Stainless Steel Horizontal Float Switch Water Level Sensor by Amico

This sensor is mostly used in aquariums and has a max break down voltage of 100V DC. The body has the total length of 24 cm.

Available Here

Phantom YoYo High Sensitivity Water Sensor (8.99$)

Phantom YoYo High Sensitivity Water Sensor

An excellent sensor for your projects as it can easily interface with popular boards such as the Arduino or the Raspberry Pi. Having said that, the sensor might not be suitable for industrial or commercial applications.

Available Here

GERI® Liquid Level Sensor&Controller (9.80$)

GERI® Liquid Level Sensor&Controller

Relay contact has the capacity of 10A with a working voltage of 5V. Just like the previous one, this sensor is also suitable for student projects but thanks to an additional controller module, it becomes more versatile in use.

Available Here

Horizontal Liquid Float Switch (7.46$)

Horizontal Liquid Float Switch

This Amico product is connected horizontally to the liquid level. Like most on our list, this sensor also has working voltage of 5V but a max switching voltage of 100V. It comes with a 3.5″ cable and has a length of 40cm. This is more of a switch and can not detect the exact amount of liquid in a tank.

Available Here

Aquarium Pool Water Level Control Plastic Float Switch(6.25$)

Aquarium Pool Water Level Control Plastic Float Switch

The sensor is great for small aquariums as it is able to control the exact amount of water level. The sensor is just 7cm tall and has a 34cm long cable.

Available Here

Amico Water Level Sensor Stainless Steel Float Switch (10.28$)

Amico Water Level Sensor Stainless Steel Float Switch

Steel switches are far more durable than the plastic ones. The sensor has a switching current of 0.5A and a breakdown voltage of 220V DC. It has a working temperature range of 30 – +125C and is 6cm tall.

Available Here

Wired Liquid Level Sensor (14.58$)

Wired Liquid Level Sensor

The smaller Uxcell product is capable of operating in much smaller enviroments. The sensor is perfectly air tight and has two switches one at the bottom and other at the top. One at the bottom is ‘normally closed’ while the one at the top is normally open.

Available Here

Optical Infrared (14.99$)

Optical Infrared

The optical sensor detects water up to a distance of 1.8m and has an operating voltage between 5V-24V.  The device is fully RoHS compliant and has no mechanical moving parts.

Available Here

Glentronics, Inc. BWD-HWA(11.97$)

Glentronics, Inc. BWD-HWA

The most popular water level switch in the market. The water level sensor also comes with an alarm and, therefore, it is ideal to install around the house where you do not want to have water. The completely water proof unit can detect water levels as low as 1/32″ deep.

Available Here

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