10 Best Viscometers For Professionals

10 Best Viscometers  (7)

Viscometers are used by students and researchers alike to determine the viscosity of a liquid. There are many different instruments that can accomplish this and each applies a different method. So we have covered some of the best viscometers available in the market today. Let us know your favourite viscometer in the comments section.

10. Fungilab CV004-110 Capillary Viscometer(211.70$)

10 Best Viscometers (3)

A manual viscometer that is mostly used in school or college labs.The calibration for the device is done by the standards of National Metrological Register to Recognized International Standards UKAS.

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9. Cannon-Fenske Viscometer(74.25$)

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This model is more accurate than the first one and has shown strong results with Oil based products. The product has a precision of o.2%.

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8. Boekel 27134002 Zahn Cup Viscometer(104.51$)

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‘#2’ donates the size of the cup as Zahn cup viscometer can range from 1 to 5 cup sizes. Used heavily in the paint industry, the procedure starts when the liquid is poured into the cup which has a hole in the center of the base, so the time taken by the liquid to come out of that opening is used in a formula to determine the viscosity of the liquid.

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7. NDJ-1 Rotational Viscometer(812.61$)

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The Rotational Viscometer has a range of 10 mPa·s to 100000mPa·s with an accuracy of +/- 5%. The machine has four rotation speed with highest at 60RPM and works on AC supply of both 220 and 110V.

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6. Rotary Viscometer by U.S Solid(599$)

10 Best Viscometers (7)

One of the most robust viscometers available in the market thanks to its four rotary motors.  The device has a maximum error of 1% and comes with solid one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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5.  Gowe® Digital Krebs Stormer Viscometer (1799$)

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Gowe is one of the premium suppliers of scientific equipment and just like this one their instruments do not disappoint. The viscometer has an accuracy of +-2% and a range of40~141 KU while powerful motors can generate a lot of torque.

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4. Ndj-8s LCD Digital Rotational Viscometer by Keyu(699$)

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The meter has a range of 1~2000000 mPa and thanks to micro step stepper motors it has a resolution of 0.1mPa. The viscometer has an easy to navigate control panel with a  bright LCD screen to make usage easy. 

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3. GOWE Brookfield Viscometer(12,992$)

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Gowe’s premium product has the best specifications, and the design is fully compliant with ASTM D4402. The machine can operate at over 100 RPM and gives the ability of very fine resolution up to o.1mPa. The device can work on both 220V and 110V.

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2. Fungilab VE321001(7,113$)

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The viscometer comes with a 12key keypad which is both easy to control and learn. The Fungilab instrument also gives you the ability to download the results direct to your Mac or PC with the help of a USB cable.

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1. Cannon 9725-F76 Digital Rotational Paddle Viscometer(8455.92$)

10 Best Viscometers (6)

The best viscometer available in the market today. The device works on 230V and features a digital Rotational Paddle to measure Dynamic Viscosity in contrast to others that measure only Kinematic Viscosity. It can display viscosity in three different units centipoise (cP), millipascal seconds (mPa s), centistokes (cSt), and Saybolt Furol seconds (SFS). So by our analysis the best around viscometer.

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