10 Best USB SD Card Readers – 2019

10 Best USB card Readers  (3)

Though most PC’s nowadays come with an SD card reader, but it is always handy to have a USB reader with you. The list we have compiled is based on the SD card readers that actually combine performance with portability.  Have a read and tell us what you think of the best USB sd card readers.

10. Vandesail® Superspeed 3 Ports USB 2.0 Hub & 4 Ports Multiple Card Reader (21.35$)

10 Best USB card Readers (9)

The USB reader can attain speeds of 480Mbps and works on USB 2.0 protocol. What is right about this USB reader is that it has HUB connectivity as well that allows data to be transmitted to three different USB terminals at the same time.

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9. CLWHJ®Micro USB(7.99$)

10 Best USB card Readers (3)

This small USB card reader requires no drivers to be installed if you are using it any of Windows OS after 2000. The reader has both micro USB and a regular USB port making it suitable to be used with smart phone & tablets.

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8. Energizer ENR-CRPUNI Multi-Use Card Reader/Writer (9$)

10 Best USB card Readers (5)

The device can read SD, XD, CF, and MS type memory cards and supports a total of 4 media slots. The reader is accompanied by a USB  cable that allows direct connectivity PC/MAC.

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7. SANOXY® Memory Card Reader (1.70$)

10 Best USB card Readers (1)

Multimedia card reader works on any port that supports USB 2.0 or beyond. The device is one of the affordable buys on our list and can found easily at your local hardware store.

Available Here

6. WEme Aluminum USB 3.0 CF/SD/TF Micro SD Card Reader(18.99$)

10 Best USB card Readers (2)

This product has multi-function USB 3.0 ports that can sync speeds up to 5Gbps. The reader has a slim plastic body that is covered in metallic paint giving it an elegant look.

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5. Kingston Digital MobileLite G4 USB 3.0 Multi-Function Card Reader(8.95$)

10 Best USB card Readers (8)

The only product on our list that comes protected with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. USB 3.0 multi-function card reader supports multiple types of memory cards and is also backward compatible with  USB 2.0 port.

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4. Rocketek® 11 in 1 USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader(8.69$)

10 Best USB card Readers (10)

The 11 in one memory card reader has a specially covered port at the back that allows you to attach your memory card. The device can provide super speed with USB 3.0 and requires no external power.

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3. Sabrent SuperSpeed 2-Slot USB 3.0 Flash Memory Card Reader(5.99$)

10 Best USB card Readers (4)

One of the most compact USB card readers on our list. The device has the memory card slot on the side instead of the back and can sustain data transfer rates of almost 6Gb/s.

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2. IOGEAR SD/MicroSD/MMC Card Reader/Writer GFR204SD(4.69$)

10 Best USB card Readers (6)

The simple product is one of the robust card readers on the market even though it has a moderate data transfer rate of 480Mb/s. The device has gold plated connecting slots that provide a stable connection and requires no drive when working with MAC or PC.

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1. Transcend Information USB 3.0 Card Reader(5.99$)

10 Best USB card Readers (7)

Amazon.com’s best seller for USB card readers. The product has over 4100 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 stars on the website. The small device has USB 3.0 connectivity that ensures speeds of over 5Gb/s and even supports an LED for data activity information. For the price and overall features, this small card reader is our No.1.

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