10 Best Truck Tents For Ford F-150

10 Best Truck Tents For Ford-150

Truck tents are designed to make your life easy if you are someone who enjoys camping a lot. 

Most times, when we go camping, we are often plagued with the idea of where to fix it and which part of the ground is safe enough and maybe reptile free to place your tents on.

Well, that would not be so much of a worry if all you had to do was fix your truck tent on your truck and give yourself a great sleeping space, void of ground animals that seek to threaten your peace. 

Anyway, if you are in the market for a truck tent and you drive a Ford150, it would be in your best interest to take a look at this list of 10 best tent trucks you can get, based on durability, aesthetics, versatility, breathability, and affordability.

1. Napier Backroadz

This one comes with a sewn-in floor that allows you to make use of it without worrying about your back touching the bare metal of your truck, that’s if you do not use a bed or you forgot your blankets for some reason. It is pretty affordable and easy to attach. However, you might have to worry about durability, as the poles have been reported by customers to not be of really good quality. It is also not very versatile, you need to make sure you are getting the right size or your tent might just not fit. If this is something you can bypass, then this is your best bet for an affordable truck tent.

You can get this here 

2. Napier Sportz Truck Tent III

10 Best Truck Tents For Ford-150

This is for those who do not like camping alone, this is large enough to accommodate two people, it also has a rainfly which provides adequate protection for any kind of weather condition. This is pretty easy to fix up. While this works with F150, if you have other trucks, the versatility of this tent makes it possible for it to fit into just any truck you want to attach it to as well. If durability is what you are searching for in the market, then this tent is where your money should go. 

You can get this here

3. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent 

Made with hydra-shield, this is a favorite of a lot of people and if there was a tent award night, this tent would bag the popular choice awards. It comes with the complete package. It is durable, it is breathable, it doesn’t matter how hard it rains, it is not spilling inside, and it is versatile as well. It is large enough to fit in two people and the installation is quite easy. The best part about this tent is how it cannot let an atom-sized water droplet in, but it still allows airflows. If you like the idea of an all in one package, you should get this. 

You can get this here

 To make it a complete package for your camping, carry a portable ac. Not sure which one to buy, check out the reviews on Coolandportable.com  to find out a good portable ac according to your camping needs.

4. Sportz 57022 Truck Tent 

This is another durable tent that is pretty easy to fix up. The poles are color-coded making them easy to attach, so this should naturally not take your time or stress you. It is durable, it is nice to look at, it has two windows that allow air inside, but still, it is not very breathable a true oxymoronic tent. 

If you are into easy stuff, you should get this. 

You can get this here

5. Rightline Gear Truck Tents

This comes without a sewn-in floor. While this looks like a disadvantage, it is an advantage, as you will not need to take out your bed before taking out the tent if need be. The poles are color-coded, making installation a walk in the park. It comes with a rain-fly, so you are protected in any kind of weather.

It also has a sky vent, if stargazing is something you enjoy doing 

This is for those who want an affordable, and easy tent.

You can get this here

6. Offroading Granville II Tent

This comes with a waterproof sewn-in floor, three windows to allow air come in, yet keep out bugs. Setting up this tent should not take a lot of time. You should be done in minutes. If simple, affordable and easy is your style, then this is your tent.

You can get this here

7. Millard Truck Tent 

This one was built to last. It can take you through a few years of camping without wearing or tearing. It comes with mesh windows, so you can have air coming into your tent while you watch the bugs completely fail at trying to come into your tent. It is versatile, comes with sew-in floor and it is easy to fix. 

This sounds like the whole package when you look at it. 

You can get this here

8. Guide Gear Truck Tent 

Affordability, versatility, breathability, and durability in one package, that’s what this tent offers. It’s so cheap it is unbelievable. At first, the price has you doubting what’s good and what’s not about it, then you use it and you realize that it was worth more than the price you got it for. It is easy to set up, features mesh windows, and they all come in green color. 

You can get this here

9. North East Harbour Pick-up Tents 

This is large enough to contain two people, it comes with a rain-fly, so you already know you are protected. The tent is made of polyester, while the sew-in floor is made of polythene. It has a gear pocket that allows you to keep your phones and other personal effects that should generally fit into a pocket. 

It comes in gray and blue colors. 

You can get this here

10. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

This tent has quality construction, it is very durable, easy to fix, versatile, and has a sew-in polyethylene floor. The interior is large and can contain two people. If you are into aesthetics,

this might not please you as it is not a very good looking tent, but if you are into durability, then this is perfect for you. 

You can get this here

When looking for a tent, durability is usually the first choice, because you do not want a tent that you will have to change a few months into using it. Or one you would keep for next the camping season and find out that you have to get a new one as it has gone bad when you get it out. Other reasons are valid, but this is usually topping the list. 

This list of ten should choose to make the process a little less tedious for you as the features have already been laid out. You just have to look at them and decide if they are the best choice for your F150 or not. 

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