10 Best Truck Tents For Chevrolet Silverado


Whether you and the family are going on a road trip to the Grand Canyon or you and the family are having a weekend together in the woods, a truck tent would be the right material you’d need to make moments like that comfortable and cozy. The Chevrolet Silverado is a big SUV that has enough trunk space to house several kinds of tents for either you or your little ones. So, coming up with the right tent that would suit your needs is the reason while you are filtering through the internet in search of a remedy. Well, your search is over, as this article has substantially filtered through some of the best truck tents out there, and come up with ten of the best truck tent that would suit your needs. 

Mein LAY Waterproof Double Layer Full Size Truck Tent

The Mein LAY Waterproof Double Layer Full Size Truck Tent is designed to fit two adults conveniently, with still enough headroom inside the tent. The tent, which has a lovely interior design, is perfect for couples who intend to take intermittent breaks from the hustle and bustle of life.  Its double window setting gives users the advantage of privacy as the is allowance for closing off the windows. Aeration level is at its optimum, as the airflow within the tent is conducive during all weather. Available here

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

The Kodiak company put in a lot of work into the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent. This tent fits perfectly with your Chevrolet Silverado. The Hydra materials used in the production of the tent give the tent its durable and comfortable feel, with the canvas made from a 100 percent wool extraction. Vehicle owners don’t have to be worried about the support system of the tent, as the tent is fitted correctly to the tent bed while being clipped to the body of the truck. Ventilation and entrance are very comfy and can be accessed without stress. Available here

Napier Enterprises

Napier Enterprises Sportz Truck Tent III for Full Size Crew Cab Trucks is one of the best full-length tents in the market. This tent is specifically designed towards the comfort of campers and tent dwellers who mostly live on the road. The tent has a sewn-in floor that gives about a total attachment to the whole frame of the canvas. Ventilation is successfully provided with its dual-window system and a dermactor for the users’ privacy. Its installation is straightforward and can be done alone through the help of the colored rods. Available here


Guide Gear

One of Guide Gear’s flagship truck tent is the Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent for your Chevrolet Silverado. The tent’s meshed door is the first innovation one would meet before entry. The meshed door gives for a smooth ventilation system combined with the 190T polyester covering. The tent is built in such a way that the installation can be done by anybody who could follow the instructions. Its build material is rain and weather resistant. Available here


The Milliard Truck Tent is a standard 6.5ft Bed tent that comes at affordable pricing. The tent is designed to making your camping experience more surreal as it is easy to install in the quickest of time. It also comes with a lantern hook to simulate that camping mood. The Milliard Truck Tent also has a rain flap that keeps out the sifting of the rain towards the tent. The introduction of dirt into the tent is reduced as the tent is sewn to the floor. Available here

Guide Gear

In case you decide to go on a solo camping time or maybe it’s just the kids camping time at the backyard, the Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent is the right fit for that occasion. This compact tent is quite cozy and has a headroom space of 4’75 in a compact spacing. The structure of the tent is held comfortably by the four steel rod frames that are attached to the body of the truck. Materials used in building the tent are in line with tent building standards. Available here

Guide Gear

The Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent, although different from the compact version of the truck tent, it combines the features of a big boy with that of a well-crafted truck tent. The Guide Gear design team put in a lot of work to build this tent. The tents can room a full-sized bed when the tailgate of the truck is depressed. Its comfortability is exquisite and trusted by most of its avid users. Available here

Rightline Gear


Rightline Gear Truck Tents is a camper’s choice when it comes to choosing comfortable and durable truck tents. The up-raised camping option best chosen amongst truck owners as it eliminates the idea of having to peg tents to the ground. The design of the tent is simply elegance personified, without so many unnecessary additions. The poles are color-coded to assist in installation, and the addition of pockets and glow in the dark zips makes its utility value increase. Available here


The Universal Truck Bed Folding Tailgate Tent is a new design tent-style when it comes to design tent structure. It’s a fully constructed four-poled tent that gives the comfort of most on the ground tent. Its designs are simple and calculated without the addition of the extravagant feature. Although for the tent to be set up, the tailgate has to be dropped for the total floor space that can be used by the tent. Available here


From the stables of Napier comes this new truck tent, the Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent, whose design is not typical to the brand’s style. This tent has a 4×4 awning that gives extra shades for campers against sun and rain. The tent is held in place by four fiberglass rods, which gives the core of the tent its base. The tent comes with a one year warranty to assure the durability if a component if the products. Available here


Truck tents are the way forward when it comes to outdoor camping, as it can be secure from the weather and crawling animals that could enter the ground rigged tents. Whenever making your choice of the best truck tent,  make sure you pay attention to the description of the product before you purchase them.


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