10 Best Thermometers for 2020

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Thermometers are one of the most essential first aid tools that every household has or should have, as it is the first object you reach for when you start noticing early signs and symptoms of the common flu or cold. 

Although the body temperature is not the only factor that determines the state of someone’s health, checking and monitoring the body temperature is one of the vital signs that has been saving lives for a long time. 

And while it is commendable to have a thermometer in the home, having a thermometer that is safe to use, fast, accurate, easy to read, and reliable is the real deal, hence  the thermometer you own or are planning to own must have those qualities. 

Peradventure your home thermometer doesn’t have the above-listed qualities and you want to replace it, or you don’t even have one in your home to begin with, here is a guide for the best thermometers for 2020 that you can go for. 

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer 

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

As the name suggests, this product is used solely to take temperature readings via the ear. And one of the reasons why this product is making this list is its digital technology synchronization.

 This product can be synced to an App (the Kinsa App) via Bluetooth to log in a person’s health symptoms, monitor his/her health history, view/monitor his/her medications, and also suggests the next line of medical action for the person. 

Besides, the Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is not suitable for adults only, but it is also perfect for children too (including newborns). 

Also, the 2 seconds swiftness of the product’s temperature readings, not to mention its ease of use, easy maintenance, and reliability to deliver readings accurately, is another reason this product is selling out fast. 

 What is more, is that this product features a durable battery that can take at least 1000 readings if fully charged!

Available here

iProven Oral Thermometer

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

In addition to being a reliable and easy to use thermometer, this product boasts of a 10 seconds temperature reading swiftness that makes it one of the best thermometers you can find in the market.

Optimized for oral and rectal use, this product is so comfortable and convenient that you can use it for a newborn

Besides, the iProven Oral Thermometer is easy to clean and disinfect with soap and water, and this is made possible by its water-proof tip feature, 

The icing on the cake for this product is its unique fever indicator which helps to detect fever symptoms in the body.

Available here.

TrackAid Forehead Thermometer

Beating the previous thermometers hands down, this product raises the bar as it gives temperature readings in just one second!!! Can you believe that? Bet you can’t! 

Another reason this product is on this list is its forehead optimization. With this product, you only need to touch the forehead of the individual and you are good to go! 

Besides its forehead use optimization, you can use this TrackAid Forehead Thermometer to read the temperature of the inner ear temperature too. 

Also, this product is capable of keeping a record of at least 20 previous temperature readings¡

Available here

Braun No Touch Thermometer

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

This forehead optimized thermometer is what you need if you don’t want to have any direct contact with the individual whom you are reading his/her temperature. 

Like the name infers, this product’s infrared feature enables you to stay at most 2 inches away from the individual, and still get perfect accurate readings of the person’s temperature. 

Another reason this product is amazing is its backlight indicator feature. This indicator changes from green to yellow to red, and this helps to indicate how critical the person’s fever is. 

Available here.

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

Unlike the previous products and other products on the market, the Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer is optimized for both the ear and the forehead, which means that you can either decide to use it on the ear or the forehead. 

Besides, this product also features both the audio and visual fever indicator alarm and a backlit display. 

Also, this product can save up to 20 previous temperature readings, a feature that enables you to keep an accurate track of the individual’s temperature or fever records.

Available here

Sanpu Digital Thermometer

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

Although this product doesn’t boast of a speedy temperature reading, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in accuracy, ease of use, and affordability.

Besides, this product is one of the few thermometers that are optimized for three different usages; Axillary, Oral, and Rectal. This means that you can use this product to take readings from the rectum, mouth, and the armpit.

What is more is that this product features a backlit display, and it is water-proof, safe, flexible, and comfortable.

Available here.

Vicks SpeedRead V912US Digital Thermometer

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

Another thermometer that boasts of versatility in use, this product can also be used in the mouth, under the arm, and rectally just like the Sanpu product. 

Also, this product features a color code display (the green, yellow, and red lights) that helps to indicate how critical an individual’s fever is.

And again like the Sanpu product, this product takes time to display temperature readings (and this makes us wonder if it has anything to do with their versatility.)

But to crown it for the Vicks SpeedRead V912US Digital Thermometer, it is water-proof, has an automatic shut down feature (when not in use), and can be easily maintained.

Available here.

Chooseen 8-in-1 Professional Infrared Temporal Fever Thermometer

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

If you thought the word “professional” present in the name of this product is for fancy, then you have thought wrong because this product’s features are the best on this list.

First off, this product can’t be used to read the temperature of humans alone, but it can also be used to read the temperature of items and environments. Yes, you read right. You can actually read the temperature of your room, your food and drinks with this product! 

Besides, while previous products can store at most 20 previous temperature readings, this product can do as much as 35 previous temperature readings!!! Amazing, right?

Sure, it is!

Available here.

Femometer Vinca II Basal Thermometer

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

In as much as this product has the same features as most of the products on this list, its special feature is that it is targeted at helping women with fertility and ovulation (little wonder why the color is pink). 

The product helps women to track and monitor their menstrual cycle and first-trimester pregnancy symptoms. So, with this product, a woman can monitor her body and decide if she wants to get pregnant or not. 

Also, this product features an App (which you can download from Apple Store and Google Playstore) that is compatible with any iOS or Android devices. 

And the best part, (yes there is the best part asides the abovementioned features) is its alarm system feature which enables you to set an alarm before you sleep. 

Available here

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

10 Best Thermometers for 2020

Just like the last product has women written all over it, this one has babies all over It. And while it is a forehead optimized product, Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer is reliable, safe, and it gives accurate temperature readings.

Besides it features a lightly glowing display that enables you to make use of this product even in the dark. 

And not to forget its automatic shut off feature that helps you conserve its power when it’s not in use.

Available here.

Getting the right thermometer for your home goes beyond just looking out for temperature readings only. Before you make your choice of a personal thermometer, you need to consider its features, how safe it is for everyone in the family, the price (of course), it’s convenience and comfort, and it’s speed.

When you put all these into consideration, then it becomes easy for you to purchase the best thermometer that will serve you and your loved ones accurately for a long time. 

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