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10 Best Test Lead Kits For Professionals

Test Lead kits should be in every electrical engineer’s backpack. These versatile kits have all the type of connections you might need to test electrical circuits. We have covered some of the best kits that are both cost effective and efficient in use. So check out this list of 10 best Test lead kits that you can buy right now.

UEi Test Instruments ATL301KIT Electrical Test Lead Kit (28.77$)

A basic kit that includes alligator clips along with test lead extensions. The kit is available for just a fraction under 29$ and by seeing the build quality of the products, we can say it is worth it.

Available Here!

Craftsman 34-82399 (17.99$)

Craftsman is one of the favorite brands when it comes to consumer hardware. These industrial scale leads are rated category 3 for use up to 600V. The kit even includes banana plugs to increase its field of use and the manufacturer even provides a storage pouch.

Available Here!

Lisle 82650 Multimeter Accessory Kit (69.11$)

This lead test kit has interchangeable ports which provide a wide range of possibilities. The kit includes 43″ long 4mm banana test leads with straight and 90 Degree connections, test probes, long back probes, safety test probes.

Available Here!

Fieldpiece ADK7 Deluxe Silicone Test Lead Kit (30$)

An affordable 30$ test lead kit that includes ADSL2 silicone leads and ASA2 alligator leads. The simple product is ideal for students and beginners.

Available Here!

Vastar® 6-Pieces Electronic Professional Test Lead Kit (14.99$)

One of the best value buys on our list. The kit includes two 5.6 inch heavy duty test probe handles with 0.16-inch banana plug tip at both ends & two more 41 inch PVC extensions. For a price of under 15$, this seems like a bargain.

Available Here!

Electronic Specialties 143 Automotive Test Lead Kit (31.40$)

This set includes one pair of 64 inches interconnects leads which are actually longer than offered by most others. The kit includes test probes and even a deluxe roll-up storage pouch that makes it easy for you to carry it along.

Available Here!

SG Tool Aid 23500 Back Probe Kit (18.83$)

The only kit that contains multi-color identified leads instead of just black and red. The kit includes 45 and 90-degree probes in .027″ and .040″ diameters along with two 12″ leads to permit testing in hard to reach areas.

Available Here!

RadioShack® Micro Scale Test Lead Kit (16.88$)

Radioshack is well known as an electronics firm that is very popular with hobbyists. As per the manufacturer, the kit includes Insulated breadboard pins with gold plating fit standard 0.25″ (.64mm) square holes, gold plated nano plunger clips & even a carrying case.

Available Here!

Extech TL809 Electronic Test Lead Kit (16.99$)

A heavy duty kit includes; Two alligator clips with removable insulators, Two plunger mini-hooks, Two modular 4-inch Heavy Duty test probe handles with 0.16-inch banana plug tip & two 42 inch PVC lead extensions. Extech has two other kits that are sold as compact multimeter bundle and full multimeter bundles.

Available Here!

Reachs 5001 Multipurpose Tool Kit (129$)

If you are looking for a kit that can provide a solution for nearly every scenario, then this 70 piece kit is all you need. The industrial grade set is suitable for use with both 12 and 24V automotive parts. The kit essentially includes piercing probes, test probes, Alligator clips, turn variable resistors with banana plugs, connecting plugs and acicular probes.

Available Here!

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