10 Best Tech Gadgets For Your Home

We have seen some amazing tech gadgets that are now mainstream. It is hard to argue that the complete internet of things is a very realistic possibility for the near future. Some of the household concept devices that made us yearn for more technology at home were also introduced to the public. Here are ten best tech gadgets for your home that you need to buy in the blink of an eye.

1. Wifi Coffee Maker

10 gadgets for home10

Now you just have to tap your smartphone, and fresh coffee will be prepared for you in an instant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a serving robot, or you would have coffee delivered to your sofa as well!

Available here 

2. PetCube

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Pet lovers just can’t leave their pets all on their own in the confines of their homes when they go out. This pet monitoring system will allow you to monitor the health of your pet on the go.

Available here 

3. 3D Chocolate Printer

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CocoJet 3D printer is your next dream that is coming true. Now you can make 3D printed chocolate patterns in any way you like. It is quite helpful for restaurants and luxury hotels.

Available here


4. First Alert Wifi Safe

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This Wifi enabled safe can be opened, locked, and monitored with the help of your smartphone. Now you can keep track of your valuables without worrying about them.

Available here

5. Lightbulb Security System

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This clever product has a dual function of lighting and a security system. It has a wireless camera, a microphone, motion sensor, and even facial recognition capability. A must-have to ensure the security of your homes.

Available here

6. LG Twin Wash

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We all know the hassle of washing two different groups of clothes, one at a time. This twin chamber technology in a single washing machine allows us to wash two different kinds of clothes at a time! This gadget can save time and energy drastically!

Available here

7. Parrot Plant Pot

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This plant monitoring system can water your plant and test the soil and sunlight conditions to nurture your plant properly. It also sends all of this information directly to your phone if you are the one who keeps worrying about your plants. All you need to do is fix a water bottle, and you are good to go!

Available here

8. Netamo Facial Recognition Device

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It is a handy gadget for home security that can recognize and store faces of those people who are coming to your home. Via an app on the smartphone, it can send updates when someone comes to your home.

Available here

9. Nest Learning Thermostat

10 gadgets for home

NEST is one of the neat little devices with a brilliant and smart design. The thermostat can understand your schedule and record the temperature as well. It provides you with the right temperature at the right time.

Available here

10. Smart Mirror

10 gadgets for home11

Smart mirrors aren’t just futuristic tech anymore. This smart mirror can show you good hairstyles and makeup before you go out. It remembers previous outfit choices and can even suggest the products that you need to buy.

Available here

Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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