10 Best Tail Lights For Ford F150


The F150 is an impressive and well-engineered Ford pickup truck that offers drivers versatility and options especially when it comes to going off-road. But If your last off-road activities caused some damages to your pickup truck like a damaged tail light, or you were in an on-road accident that led to broken rear lights, or your old F150 factory fitted rear lights don’t work anymore and you want to replace them for any of these reasons with the right tail lights that are bright enough for even foggy nights and will complement your trucks beautiful aesthetic, in this post, we shall be looking at some of the best tail light replacement lights that you should consider investing in.

These products are well-designed to fit onto specific versions of the F150 so that you can stay safe out there and not have to worry about disfiguring your handy and trusted truck.

1. Garage-Pro F150 2015-2017 Tail Lights

A busted tail light can be a real road safety concern for the owner of the vehicle as well as other road users and this is why you shouldn’t be going on the road without fixing this problem to avoid the risks that are involved. However, you shouldn’t just settle for any old replacement tail light for your F150, you should get one that looks like the original factory lights.

This replacement part from Garage-Pro is specifically designed to be a perfect fit for every version of the Ford F150 2015-2017 trucks and is manufactured in accordance to industry standards so it meets DOT (Department of Transport) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) requirements and uplifts the aesthetics of your truck.

The product is fitted with halogen, clear red housing, and bright lamps so you can properly and signal vehicles behind you and not be held culpable for any accidents.

Available here.

2. Garage-Pro Tail Lights for 2004-2008 F150

Using the wrong replacement headlights for your F150 (2004-2008) restoration could decrease the value of your high-performance vehicle and look like an eyesore but with products like this, you can’t go wrong and you will definitely be impressed by the result you will be getting.

Designed to be a direct fit and look like original F150 2004-2008, this product also by Garage-Pro is built using durable materials so you have confidence going off-road and not have to worry about broken rear lights after your adventure. The product is DOT and SAE compliant and will light up the rear end of your truck even when you are out on the road in a blizzard.

The product is affordable and offers great value.

Available here.

3. ACANII Tail Lights For Ford F150 2009-2014

Is the rear light housing for your stock truck all scratched up and no more allow your tail lamps to shine? This could significantly deface your hot ride and also be a lingering road accident waiting to happen and will need replacement. If you own an F150 2009-2014 pickup truck this product from Acanii should be the perfect replacement option for you.

Designed to meet standards of relevant industry regulatory agencies and to provide proper signaling for other road users behind you, this product offers great value for your vehicle’s aesthetics and your budget. Furthermore, the red and black red lens is manufactured using Polycarbonate so that it delivers great UV protection and is durable enough to withstand medium to high impact.

Available here.

4. Spec-D Tuning Tail Lights For F150 2004-2008

Do you need a high-quality reflective reflector to replace your broken F150 2004-2008 tail lights or for the restoration of your old F150 pickup truck? This replacement part from Spec-D Tuning is designed to fit like a glove and provide adequate signaling at any time of the day and in any weather condition.

This tail light housing is designed to meet standards and even outperform the original factory tail lights as it delivers clear signaling improves the aesthetic of your vehicle thanks to the smoke tint housing while preserving its original look. The Altezza tail light lens is also designed using high-density material to allow it to withstand high impact.

Available here.

5. AKKON Replacement Tail Lights for F150 2004-2008

If you are looking to sell your Ford F150 truck in the best condition possible so you can get the best price offers for it, a broken or beat-up tail light will definitely not help you achieve this despite how good your pickup truck looks overall. This product from the Akkon brand is design to perfectly fit the F150 2004-2008 truck and illuminate the rear of your vehicle so you are always safe out there.

Its shiny black housing will significantly improve the aesthetics of your truck and even have it looking like brand new (or close). It is easy to install and is great for off-road adventures because it is manufactured with durable material for this purpose, it also meets regulatory standards and might even look better than your original tail light.

Available here.

6. VLAND Full LED Tail Lights for Ford F150 2015-2019

LED taillights quite honestly make your F150 truck look even more impressive and outperform regular tail lights in every single aspect. If you want a compatible full-LED tail light for your F150 pickup truck, this product is one of the best bolt-on replacement parts you can get in stores or online.

The perks of a product like this are very exciting; its high-end fiber optics design gives your truck a uniqueness and makes it stand out from other similar trucks on the road, its durable build guarantees cross-country integrity for different terrain types and weather conditions. With this product every trailing vehicle, we clearly see you out there even in low-visibility conditions.

Available here.

7. Autozensation For Ford F-150

A beast-like pickup truck needs the right optics upfront and behind to give it character and uniqueness. Featuring a classy design and versatile construction, this product from the Autozensation brand is a sensational tail light replacement for your Ford F150 pickup.

It’s clear black housing ensures that other road users behind you are signaled properly when you hit the brakes so that you and your vehicle are safer while plying the road. It is manufactured to perfectly fit the F150 2004-2008 models seamlessly while performing like or even better the OEM tail lights and are built according to regulations and traffic laws.

Available here.

8. AMERILITE Chrome LED Replacement Brake Tail Lights

There is no getting around the fact that LED taillights look better and definitely perform better than regular tail lights, and this product from AmeriLite is a great product designed for F150 2009-2013 models. Its chrome housing screams elegance and provides optimum brake light display when using the road even in low-visibility weather conditions.

This product is manufactured using high-density materials, is equipped with LED lamps and more than meets DOT and SAE standards. This product will give your pickup truck the sexy look it deserves and catches the attention while you are on the road.

Available here.

9. ANZO USA Replacement Tail Lights for F150

Busted tail lights can get you pulled over at the most inconvenient occasions and can even cause you a bigger problem than a ticket citation, this is why you require the right replacement brake tail lights for your vehicle, so you can avoid these annoying situations. This replacement tail light by AnzoUSA is compatible with F150 2015-2017 models and is perfect for restoration/replacement purposes.

This LED product is manufactured with durable material, has an effective UV protection coating, and it has an easy bolt-on design. This is one of the best products in the market, and considering its features it offers great value for money and will last longer than most products.

Available here.

10. AKKON Replacement Tail Lights for F150 1997-2003

You shouldn’t be worried about going out in the storm with rugged F150 truck because you don’t want to be hit from behind on account of your tail lights not functioning well enough, with this Akkon replacement lights, you will be clearly visible out there.

The product is designed to fit the F150 1997-2003 models, is designed from high-impact resistant material and will do a good job at keeping the rear of your pickup truck lit. The product meets DOT and SAE standards and has a bolt-on design for easy and secure installation.

Available here.

These are some of the best products for your F10 pickup truck models that are great not only for your vehicle but also friendly to your budget. To check out their other features, compare prices, receive the best warranties, and make an informed shopping decision, click on the links above.


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