10 Best Tail Lights For Chevrolet Silverado

It is not unlikely that you’ll have to drive your Chevrolet Silverado on a busy road, at night. The truck is a pretty long one, but many drivers may not readily see this in the dark. Now, if you don’t want a dent or scratch caused by another vehicle on your truck, then know that having a tail light is essential. The best taillights for Chevrolet Silverado help the driver coming from behind, make a good estimate of how close or distant your vehicle is.

If you think your truck needs a new and/or better tail light, then the following are great options to choose from:

1. AmeriLite™ Tail Light Set for Chevrolet Silverado

This is one of those tail light products that makes your Chevrolet Silverado look more beautiful when the lights go on. The whole lot is made of quality and durable materials, that significantly retains its newness even after many months.

The tail light has a UV light and abrasive protection component that makes it resist the possible damaging effects of the sun and intense rain. Asides this, its consistent lighting performance in any condition or weather is something you wouldn’t find on too many tail lights.

It is also a great product because it is suitable for many Chevrolet Silverado models out there.

Available here

2. ZMAUTOPARTS™ Tail Light ALT-WJ-CS99-BKSM for Chevrolet Silverado

Since this tail light model was released, it has continued to be in high demand for Chevrolet Silverado trucks. This is probably because it makes the truck look classy when it is viewed from behind. Typically, the ZMAUTOPARTS tail light shows a deeper red that particularly enhances visibility.

It has a triple layer protective coating that protects its polycarbonate lens from possible damages that may come from UV light, debris, or even the weather. With this tail light, other drivers can always see you- even the rains are much.

Available here

3. ACANII™ ACA-JCS003-OEL+R Tail Light for Chevrolet Silverado

ACANII™’s high-performance tail light is remarkable, hence the reason why it qualifies as a top tail light product for Chevrolet Silverado. All of the lights are always bright, and its designs are obviously one of the finest you can get for this truck. Usually, intending buyers may choose from either of three red color variants that the manufacturer provides.

Some of the other most important qualities of this tail light include a high impact resistance ability, as well as its remarkable reflectors. It is a great tail light replacement option for your Chevrolet Silverado truck, and it doesn’t even require you to break the bank.

Available here

4. Akkon™ 5ALT JHCS16-OELReplacement Tail Light for Chevrolet Silverado

This Akkon™ company’s replacement tail light is significantly coming up on the market, and many users have mentioned a number of important characteristics that make it worth buying. Firstly, its unique design makes it stand out in a positive way. The materials too are strong enough to withstand tough heat and cold, hence making it last for many months. All these qualities basically qualify the product as that which offers real value to users. 

Note that it is a replacement tail light for the driver side alone. It is compatible with various versions of the Chevrolet Silverado truck, although the manufacturer advises that you let a professional do the installation.

Available here

5. Spyder Auto™ Tail Light ALT-ON-CS03LED RC for Chevrolet Silverado

If you want a tail light that meets the standards and is easy to install, then this is one of the products that fit the description. The Spyder Auto ALT-ON-CS03LED tail light can really make you proud of your Chevrolet Silverado truck. It has a relatively simple design, but the durability and brightness cannot go unnoticed.

Another good thing about this product is that it is designed to be the perfect product for users under the toughest weather situations. Hence, it can still maintain optimum performance at temperatures as low as -40°C, or temperatures as high as 80°C.

Available here

6. EPIC LIGHTING™ GM437B00R Replacement Tail Light for Chevrolet Silverado

As far as tail light replacements for Chevrolet Silverado is concerned, this is still one of the products that support most of the existing models. However, the package only includes a replacement for the passenger right side tail light. You can almost carry out the installations by yourself, as there are no real technicalities to fixing it on to your truck.

Note that all of the EPIC Lighting™ company approved GM437B00R tail lights in the spare part stores have been made to undergo adequate quality and safety standards tests.

Available here

7. AutoSaver88™ ATTL2001 Tail Lights for Chevrolet Silverado

When you decide it’s time to change your truck’s taillights, then know that the AutoSaver88 ATTL2001 is good enough to be on your lists. Firstly, you’ll be impressed with the aesthetic appeal of the product, and how it makes your vehicle look great again. The lights are impressively bright- irrespective of the weather, so there’s almost no way the driver behind would not see your vehicle.

Note that the tail light’s nice fit black housing does a lot in ensuring the longevity of your rear lights. It protects the delicate parts from the direct impact of the elements so that the lights are ever bright.

Available here

8. AUTOANDART™ 1222-0078LR Replacement Tail Light for Chevrolet Silverado

If you think that your tail lights are working perfectly, then you just may be surprised at how much improvements you would get if you change them to this one. The Autoandart™ 1222-0077LR model allows you to drive on the busiest road at night, and still be confident of the fact that the car behind see your light.

The tail light is made with durable and thick polycarbonate material, all of which are made to comply with the industry standards.

Available here

9. AJP Distributors™ LCD Left and Right Replacement Tail Light for Chevrolet Silverado

The overall performance of this tail light beats what is obtainable on the average market product for Chevrolet Silverado trucks. Firstly, the LCD lights are remarkably bright, and they also importantly show signs of good longevity. Although it is one of the priciest tail lights for Chevrolet Silverado, it still is also one of the most patronized. Note also that people love the designs too, and especially how it significantly make their truck look very contemporary.

The tail light is easy to install and would likely take only a few minutes. This means you probably may not need a professional to do it for you. 

Available here

10. SPEC-D TUNING™ Fleet Side LT-SIV99GTM Tail Light for Chevrolet Silverado

This is another tail light that shows some good levels of sophistication that you’ll love. Note that the SPEC-D Tuning’s LT-SIV99GTM model could greatly revamp the appearance of your truck. In fact, it wouldn’t be out of place to say that this is one of the purposes that the manufacturer had in mind.

Asides that, the protective functions of the tail light are also top grade. Its ability to show consistent brightness levels in all seasons and weather is commendable. If you need a tail light that wouldn’t need a replacement any time soon, then this product should be one of the items to consider.

Available here

Now, although all of the listed tail lights show remarkable qualities that make them the best on the market, there are still important differences between them. Hence, it is important to check all of the primary specifications, and see which ones matter most to you.

On another hand, note that there is hardly one tail light that can work for all of the Chevrolet Silverado models that have been made. For instance, some tail lights are only suitable for stepside models, while others may be suitable for fleetside models only.

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