10 Best Stroboscopes For Professional Events

Best stroboscopes (5)

Stroboscopes are used to conduct motion analysis of a rotating body. The underlying principle of the stroboscopes is that it shines a light on the rotating object at specific intervals making the body appear stationary. The device is used mostly in the industry, and our list provides you all the necessary technical information required to select a stroboscope. So check out this list of 10 best stroboscopes and let us know your favourite in the comments section below:

10. Deluxe Stroboscope by Artec Educational (25$)

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Features two buttons that control the flash rate of the Stroboscope, displayed on the 3 “Seven Segment Displays”. You can use this stroboscope to perform experiments with fans, pendulums, spinning tops, and more.

Available Here 

9. Ckeyin ® Digital LED Non-Contact Stroboscope Tachometer (53$)

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This stroboscope can measure speeds around 20,000RPM with an accuracy of 0.05%. For speeds, less than 1000RPM resolution of the device is 0.1.
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8. Pyle PST30 Digital LED Non-Contact Stroboscope-Tachometer(80$)

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PST30 stroboscope tachometer can measure speeds up to 20000RPM. PST30 is a hand-held, battery-powered, LED digital stroboscope for use in speed measurement as well as motion analysis. At speeds less than 1000RPM, you can adjust the resolution of o.1RPM. The specs of this device are almost similar to the no.9, the only difference being excellent durability.
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7. Sper Scientific 840009 Digital Stroboscope(196$)

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Powerful xenon lamp. The ½” high four-digit LED is easy to read in both light and dark environments. The flashes are controlled by a microcontroller based crystal that allows for greater accuracy. This, not a tachometer so it will not tell you speeds rather only frequencies.
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6. Shimpo ST-1000 (203$)

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Maximum RPM measurement for this device is 40000RPM. The ST-1000 is adjustable in either coarse or fine step flash-rate tuning as well. This device can also function as a tachometer.
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5. Hoto Instruments NS-600 Handheld LED Stroboscope(325$)

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The device can read data from bodies rotating up 120,000 RPM at almost 0.01% accuracy(as per manufacturer). It can store up to 10 flash rates in memory for quick access as well.
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4. Monarch PLS Pocket LED Stroboscope(325$)

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This stroboscope has 7-array LED light source which provides 1800 lumens at 6000 FPM. Time shift and phase delay functions give user the ability to manually adjust focal point, without moving the trigger point
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3. Monarch Nova-Strobe BBL LED Portable Stroboscope(540$)

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This model is from the same manufacturer as the previous one. If we compare it with the last one, then this model can provide 30 to 500,000 flashes/revolutions-per-minute and is also equipped with rechargeable batteries.
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2. Shimpo DT-725 Internal Battery Powered Digital Stroboscope(545$)

Best stroboscopes (5)

Battery-powered digital stroboscope provides stop motion or slow motion view of moving machinery for various applications such as preventive maintenance, printing inspection, and speed measurement. Flash rates of this device can reach up to 12500 per minute. The 10W Xenon flash tube with 10 to 15-microsecond flash ensures sharp images in any lighting conditions.
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1. Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope(1000$)

Best stroboscopes (10)

An industry standard device. Fluke 820 is equipped with an LED solid-state light source flaunting a flash rate of – 30 to 300,000 FPM (flashes per minute). If your job requires a higher intensity of light then, a separate mode, controlled by an array of 7 LEDs, is also available that provides 4800 LUX. however, they are useful only at speeds below 6000FPM.
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