10 Best Spy Glasses

10 Best Spy Glasses (3)

Spy glasses usually make a great gift for kids. Most of the cheap models contain a small camera which allows you to record video as well. These glasses come in various designs with multi-purpose features. On this list, we have covered some of the best spy glasses available on Amazon.

Floureon JYW-1312 Spy Glasses (14.99$)

Floureon JYW-1312 Spy Glasses

This product is a simple toy that helps the user to see up to 20 feet in total darkness. These spectacles are nothing more than a mere toy, but your kids will get a real kick out of them.

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Spy Gear Spy Night Goggles (20.95$)

Spy Gear Spy Night Goggles

These glasses are neither night vision goggles nor can they record video but we included them as popular spy glasses. The product is comfortable to wear and can be an ideal Christmas gift for kids aged between 8-13 years.

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CM-SG20 by Lawmate Spy Glasses (345$)

CM-SG20 by Lawmate

This product is made for sports fans who want to record their runs for later. They can be fitted with actual lenses and can be used as regular glasses as well. The camera performs well even in low light conditions.

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Generic HD 720P Spy Glasses (27.97$)

Generic HD 720P

This product features HD 720P video recording with up to 4GB of space. It comes with a Lithium Polymer battery which can work for 2 hours, and the device has a USB 2.0 connection to transfer data.

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UYIKOO®  Video Camera Glasses (26.99$)

UYIKOO®  Video Camera

This product is similar to the previous one. However, you can use an external memory card with this one to increase the space up to 32GB.  It also connects easily to PCs while being available in different sizes.

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Toughsty™ Hidden Camera Eyewear Glasses (64.49$)

Toughsty™ Hidden Camera Eyewear

This product contains one of the most high-end cameras with the ability to shoot at full HD 1080P. The glasses come with an 8GB memory card which is ample to record all your memorable moments.

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Rearview Spy Glasses (4.95$)

Rearview Spy Glasses

This one is a simple toy that allows your child to see what’s behind his back as well. The glasses are coated with a reflective layer through which you may see your background if it is well-lit. Otherwise, you will see only the path in front of you.

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Generic Spy Glasses (14.99$)

Generic Spy Glasses

The sports shape glasses can be beneficial during skiing where riders can record their exhilarating runs. The glasses have a built-in camcorder and a microphone. You may also insert a memory card up to 16GB.

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SpyCrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses (19.99$)

SpyCrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses

This model provides excellent value for money. The glasses can record up to 100 minutes of continuous video at 720 resolution while the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear.

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iVUE Horizon Glasses (159$)

iVUE Horizon

This product has a camera which can record 1080 P at 30 frames per second and 720p at 60 Fps. It features 135-degree lens which provides a wider field of vision while the 8GB memory card comes with the glasses.

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