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10 Best Sound Pressure Level Meter

Sound Pressure Level Meter or also known as Decibel meters are often used to measure the amount of noise pollution in heavy industries and aviation. These devices are capable of detecting minute pressure fluctuations in the air and then convert them into an electrical signal. We have covered some of the best that are used by professionals and give the most reliable results.

Flexzion Digital Decibel Sound Meter (30.99$)

The rudimentary device has a range of 30dBA ~ 130dBA with an accuracy of 1.5dBA. The meter also has an auto turn off feature and thanks to a bright LCD the device is ideal for beginners.

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T Tocas® Professional Digital Audio Sound Pressure Level Meter (48.99$)

The device easily connects to your Windows PC or a Mac to record data. It has an accuracy of 1.5dB and is powered by two AA batteries.

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Sound Decibel Meter,GoerTek™ (18.99$)

It can detect frequencies between 31.5Hz~8.5KHz and is powered using 3 AAA batteries. It has a resolution of 0.5dB and responds fairly quickly as compared to others.

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Galaxy Audio CM140 (110.59$)

This audiometer has the widest screen and is powered using a battery. The device can be connected using a USB cable and has a maximum range of up to 150dB.

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Nady ASM-2 Analog Sound Pressure Level Monitor(70.19$)

Though most on our list are digital devices, we decided to include an analog one for the purists. The analog meter has multiple range settings and unlike digital systems has a longer battery life.

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Radio Shack 33-099 (6.99$)

Radio Shack is a popular dealer of acoustic equipment, and this device is just a continuation of their long line of successful products. The device comes with its case and can read a maximum of 100dB.

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American Recorder Technologies Sound Pressure Level Meter (69.99$)

The device has two modes settings- low 35-100 db &  high 65-130 db. The meter comes with a 9V battery and works in a variety of environments.

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UthCracy Audiometer (25.99$)

This product displays a bar graph to understand better the fluctuating noise levels. Meter auto-offs after 20min of non-operation and can detect frequencies up to almost 9KHz.

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Dr.Meter® MS10 Digital Decibel Sound Level Meter (22.60$)

Dr. Meter is one of the leading suppliers of digital & analog measurement instruments for professionals so you would expect a quality product from them. This product can measure up to 150dB, and the manufacturer is so sure about their quality that they offer a 12-month warranty as well.

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Extech 407730 (324.99$)

This is the most popular decibel meter on our list with over 100 reviews and a 4/5 star rating on Amazon.com. The device comes with With Certificate of Tracebility to NIST and is dual ranged. The device is full complied with ANSI and  IEC 651 Type 2 standards.

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