10 Best Digital Blood Pressure Meters

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices  (2)

Monitoring your blood pressure is as important as exercise after you are in your late 40’s or early 50’s. There are many devices in the market that can record your blood pressure, but we have narrowed down the best based on performance and reliability. For those needing a digital blood pressure meter, these are the best offerings in the market right now.

10. RMS FDA Approved Digital Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor(24.95$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (8)

The simple device displays both systolic and diastolic pressures along with the heart rate.  You can store a total of 120 readings in the memory, and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

Available Here

9. Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Pyle with Wide-Range Cuff(24.99$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (2)

This blood pressure meter requires 4 AAA batteries to run and has a total weight of 1.17 pounds. The affordable device has a good battery life and is a source of reliable readings.

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8. GoWISE USA Digital Blood Pressure(33.95$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (10)

Blue background LCD screen is the easiest to read thanks to the bright backlight. The blood pressure monitor also has hypertension risk indicator and can record readings along with the time & date.

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7. LotFancy Digital Auto Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor(19.99$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (6)

Lot fancy meter is comfortable to use and can store up to 60 records in the memory. The device can detect pressure fluctuations between  0mmHg-300mmHg, and it also supports the auto-off feature to conserve battery power.

Available Here

6. Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor by ‘Greater Goods'(19.99$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (9)

This device comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The product has a risk scale on the side which indicates the level of danger your blood pressure reading can have on your body.

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5. Gurin Professional Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (22.95$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (5)

This device has one of the largest memories as it can store almost 200 readings. The device also possesses the capability of Irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) detection and WHO approved Hypertension Indicator.

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4. Ozeri BP2M(39.95$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (1)

The device runs on 3 AAA batteries and can store over 1000 readings in its memory chip. The device can alert the user for prehypertension or hypertension along with having checks for Arrhythmia.

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3. Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood pressure(19.95$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (4)

One of the most accurate devices on our list. The device can store up to 60 blood pressure readings and is backed with one-year warranty.The device also has an auto off feature for safety.

Available Here

2. Panasonic EW3109W(37.38$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (7)

Panasonic is a top manufacturer when it comes to consumer electronics, and they do not disappoint too often. This device gives exceptionally accurate readings and has a large LCD with a bright green backlight which makes it easy to read.

Available Here

1. Omron 7 Series UltraSilent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor(53.99$)

10 Best Blood Pressure Devices (3)

The most popular blood pressure device available online as it has over 8000 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 star on Amazon.com. The device weighs only 5.6 ounces and has the capabilities of storing data through Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Available Here

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